Kitsap Cannabis to use guns to keep robbers away

Robbers have hit Kitsap Cannabis in Port Orchard twice in eight months, but they might want to think twice about doing it again.

The uptick in criminal activity is causing co-founder Raymond Alloway to make changes, including making guns available to staff in all shifts as a means to protect themselves.

He also plans to hire additional security to patrol the outside of the building, which he said will be a safer option than leaving it up to security provided by the complex where the store is located.

“He’s going to be carrying a gun too, and he’s just going to stay over here by our door,” Alloway said. “They (the complex) have a security guard here, and they probably watched the whole thing from their car. It’s just not helpful if they’re not walking around patrolling the entire time.”

Alloway said guns are common in his business. “About half of our staff currently carry guns with them on the job,” he said. “This was just one instance where we didn’t have one at the time.”

Police are looking for two suspects in the latest robbery.

Officers were called the night of Oct. 1 after two people wearing backpacks, face coverings and heavy clothing entered the store. The suspects robbed the establishment at gunpoint, as both carried firearms. The robbers left with a variety of cannabis products and a few hundred dollars in cash.

Alloway said it was a minimal loss since his business deposits cash with its bank regularly as a safety precaution. Employees were reportedly shaken but physically ok. Alloway said that the safety of employees is a high priority, especially in the marijuana business.

Kitsap Cannabis was also robbed at gunpoint in February. Alloway said the two incidents do not appear to be linked. He added this latest robbery was done by amateurs, recounting that both had set their weapons down at times. “You could tell that they were inexperienced,” he said.