Kingston Skatepark design takes shape

"More rails, no bowl kids say. "

“KINGSTON – Ideas for the new skatepark were put on the table Wednesday night- literally and figuratively. Skateboarders, the majority of them Kingston Junior High students, gathered in the school’s commons area for the second design workshop this year. Some people brought pencil drawings of their dream park, one person even made a clay model. After the students’ schematics were presented, the audience viewed a preliminary design of the Kingston Skatepark from the professionals. The group seemed pleased with the MacLeod Reckord Landscape Architects’ version of the skatepark. Cool and alright were heard throughout the crowd of about 40. Freshman Philip Kelleigh, KJH Skateboard Club president said the design was pretty good, but he would like to add more things to it. This one looks more diverse, said Lucas Carter, freshman. It’s well designed for the tight space, he said. The actual skatepark, which will be located along the Lindvog Road extension, will be about 6,800 square-feet. The Silverdale skatepark is about 7,000 square-feet. The adults were pleased with the design as well. It’s great as long as the kids are happy, said Tony Machala, parks and open space subcommittee chairman for the Kingston Citizens Advisory Council. Although happy with the design, skateboarders and adults suggested a few revisions to the plan. There was some concern about the parking lot’s size. Some people said the lot was too big and took space away from the skatepark. Skateboarders at Wednesday’s meeting met the idea of a bowl (an element shaped just as the name implies) at the park with a tepid reception. In a informal vote, the majority of hands disapproved of the element. The skateboarders wanted to see more street style elements such as stairs and rails. MacLeod Reckord has been working on the project for the past year with Kitsap County Parks and Recreation. The county has allocated $150,000 for the skatepark that is expected to open by summer. The KJH Skateboard Club has been raising money for the park and so far has gathered about $5,000. The money will be used for benches and other amenities the county money won’t cover. The group plans to continue raising money for the park. The design was based on feedback gathered at the first workshop held in May, said Scott Yamamura, professional skateboarder and design consultant for the project. He said the design is half ramp-style skateboarding and half street-style skateboarding. Revisions, based on Wednesday’s meeting will be made and that design will be presented to the Skateboard Club by Thanksgiving. “