Kingston shop offers a more organic way to vape | Business

Scott Laursen follows similar rules for vaping as his mother did for cooking: don't serve anything you wouldn't consume yourself.

KINGSTON — Scott Laursen follows similar rules for vaping as his mother did for cooking: don’t serve anything you wouldn’t consume yourself.

That’s one of the reasons Laursen, 52, makes his own vaporizer flavors, or juices, to sell at Vaporganics.

“I believe in it,” Laursen said of vaping. “There’s a need here.”

Laursen’s downtown Kingston shop opened Nov. 24. The business began with seven flavors.

Laursen combines a base flavor, such as menthol, with other flavors, such as fruits. The flavorings are USDA certified organic, he said. He gives the option of “juices” with various amounts of nicotine — or none. There’s four ingredients in the juices, including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and added flavoring, he said.

The business now has 13 different juices. Laursen wants to increase that number to 20. Laursen combines flavors and tests them himself. He allows customers to try them out as well, if they are up for it.

There are some flavors that look like they should be on a restaurant or bakery menu, Cinnamon Danish, for example. There was the holiday egg nog flavor. Laursen’s latest experiment: chicken and waffles.

Since opening, curious customers of all ages have come into the shop, Laursen said. He got a lot of people asking him if Vaporganics was Kingston’s first pot shop — it’s not. For those unsure of the product, or just curious, Laursen has a testing station with individual disposable tester tips.

Thirty people have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaporizing with products purchased from Vaporganics, Laursen said. He sells a $35 starter kit. Combined with a $10 bottle of juice, which will last a pack-a-day smoker three to four days; it’s about one-quarter the price of smoking cigarettes, Laursen said. What needs to be replaced every week or two on the kits is the heating element, a $1 item.

Laursen used vaporizing as a method to stop smoking cigarettes. He was a two-pack-a-day smoker; four months into vaping, he said he couldn’t stand smoking any more.

“My daughter thinks it’s wonderful, because I smell like honeydew [melon] instead of an ashtray,” he said.

Laursen has a 23-year background in the casino and hospitality industry. His last job was in Las Vegas; after that ended he made the choice to move back to Kitsap to open the shop.

The shop includes bar-style seating so people have a place to sit while they vape. Laursen plans to add more seating inside, as well as a television. He hopes to add outdoor seating for the warmer months, he said.

Vaporganics is located at 25960 Ohio Ave. NE Suite 100. Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday., 360-297-8273.