Just one tight race in Kitsap primary election

Daily ahead of incumbent Wall in SKSD board race; Anderson ahead in Port contest

PORT ORCHARD — Just one tight race emerged from initial primary election results reported by the Kitsap County Election Division Tuesday night.

In the contest for South Kitsap School District’s Director District 5 seat, challenger and school district critic Jeff Daily took a 37.5 percent to 33.1 percent lead over incumbent and two-term director Greg Wall. Jill A. Boltz trailed at 29.1 percent of the vote.

In South Kitsap’s Director District 2 seat race, John R. Berg took a strong lead with a total of 42.5 percent of the counted ballots that were mailed in. Glenny Compton was in second place with 31.3 percent of the vote. Robert Lamb, also a district critic, finished out of the race for the general election with 25.7 percent.

Gary K. Anderson headed to a strong lead in the contest to become the next Port of Bremerton District 2 commissioner. Anderson tallied 55.1 percent of the votes cast. Jack Edwards took the runnerup spot with 37.9 percent. Michael Nicosia dropped out of the race last month but still managed to get 6.1 percent of the vote.

In the race for the Bremerton City Council District 6 seat, Michael Simpson registered 40.3 percent of the vote. Behind in the vote count was Anna Mockler with 27.3 percent. Chase LeFors took 21.4 percent. Jared Hofer and Erinn Howell trailed far behind.

North Kitsap School District Director District 5 candidates were led by Cindy Webster-Martinson with 52 percent of the vote. Kim Gerlach captured 26.8 percent and Kellie Griffin got 20.6 percent.

Kol Medina leads in the race for Bainbridge Island’s District 2 North Ward seat on the City Council with 52 percent of the vote. Kevin Fetterly captured 40.5 percent and Ashley Mathews was far behind with 7.1 percent.

The race for seats on the Port Orchard City Council will be contested in November. Just 18.7 percent of the 93,306 eligible voters in Kitsap County mailed in their completed election ballots.

Here are initial vote returns as of 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night:

City of Bainbridge Island Council District 2 North Ward

Kol Medina 818 52.0%

Ashley Mathews 111 7.1%

Kevin Fetterly 637 40.5%

Write-Ins 8 0.5%

City of Bremerton Council District 6

Chase LeFors 146 21.4%

Anna Mockler 186 27.3%

Michael Simpson 275 40.3%

Jared Hofer 38 5.6%

Erinn Howell 33 4.8%

Write-Ins 4 0.6%

North Kitsap School District No. 400 Director District 5

Cindy Webster-Martinson 3,742 52.0%

Kim Gerlach 1,932 26.8%

Kelie Griffin 1,484 20.6%

Write-Ins 44 0.6%

South Kitsap School District No. 402 Director District 2

Robert Lamb 1,981 25.7%

Glenny Compton 2,412 31.3%

John R. Berg 3,280 42.5%

Write-Ins 45 0.6%

South Kitsap School District No. 402 Director District 5

Jeff Daily 2,925 37.5%

Greg Wall 2,583 33.1%

Jill A. Boltz 2,273 29.1%

Write-Ins 29 0.4%

Port of Bremerton District No. 1 Commissioner District 2

Jack Edwards 1,385 37.9%

Gary K. Anderson 2,013 55.1%

Michael Nicosia 224 6.1%

Write-Ins 29 0.8%