Indianola holds annual town meeting

Residents gather to hear what's new.

“INDIANOLA-Community members gathered Saturday at the Indianola Community Center to find out the state of their small union. The Indianola Beach Improvement Club called its annual town meeting to order with the tap of a gavel. Club committee members shared reports on the status of the new post office, proceeds from Indianola Days, and future projects to improve the beach. It looks as though the new Indianola post office is on hold for another year or two, said John Jacobsen. He said the United States Postal Service has put the project on hold due to lack of funds. Just sit tight. he said. We’re still in good shape. Jacobsen also reported on the effectiveness of the security officers who have been patrolling the beach. Jacobsen said kids have taken it upon themselves to behave and obey the law. Committee members also reported on the recent success of Indianola Days, the community wide festival held July 29-30. The event brought in nearly $4,000. The club is also looking at a drainage project for the east portion of Shore Drive. New trustees were ushered in with Dick Hale returning as president, Gerald Richards ,vice president; Maureen O’Rourke, treasurer; Annie Stevenson, secretary; Corinne Miller and John Jacobsen were named trustees. Nancy Hale and Corinne Miller received awards for outstanding achievement. The IBIC meets the first Thursday of every month. “