Greater Hansville Community Plan update

In January two meetings were held to discuss Parks/Recreation and Transportation goals and policies.

Chip Faver, director of County Parks and Recreation, spoke to the group about the county parks within our area, including Point No Point, Norwegian Point, Buck Lake Park and the Greenway. He announced that the Parks Dept., in their ongoing desire for public participation and transparency, will schedule a series of open public meetings in early summer to discuss the future of the buildings at Norwegian Point Park (3 gabled buildings, boat house and restaurant). He also discussed why county parks must be accessible to the general public and that county parks are different from national or state parks because county parks can offer amenities such as soccer fields, tennis courts and baseball diamonds.

Elizabeth Wilson of Pope Resources’ Olympic Property Group announced that the North Kitsap Trails Association received a grant to create plans and drawings for the OPG “String of Pearls” trails concept. The Web site contains details for this regional trail system which will run through the Hansville and Eglon areas.

At the February planning meeting, Bob Hunter with Kitsap PUD, gave a presentation about water supplies and issues for the utilities element of the Hansville plan. Land use was scheduled to be the focus of the March meeting.

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The next meeting of the GHAAC is on April 21, 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the Greater Hansville Community Center.

Contributed by Daria Nelson.