Got a plan for your Halloween costume yet?

Pop culture, old-school standbys or homemade inspirations are options this year for Halloween costumes.

Don’t be surprised if you see Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson standing in front of you when you open your door to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Area merchants report that look-a-likes to the characters from that popular reality television show are among the costumes that are hot this year.

A casual visit to a couple of local costume stores revealed some of what’s selling for this year’s haunted evening adventures.

Two of the costumes that will most likely make an appearance this year will be Michael Jackson, the 1984 version of the popular costume that included a white sequined glove and black leather jacket, and an Okinawan flower headband and karategi, evoking the popularity of Ralph Macchio’s character Daniel LaRusso from the Karate Kid.

Kitsap County has several trends in adult and children’s costumes this year, according to the Silverdale Target manager Mandy Campbell.

“The Marvel superheros are really popular with the boys,” she said. “And the princess costumes are always really popular with the girls.”

Campbell also noted that the Skylanders (based on the video game characters) costumes were a hot -selling item this year.

At the Silverdale Party City, employee Starcia Crisostomo noticed that their ninja costumes were sought after by young boys and young girls favored the selection of character costumes from Monster High, another popular video game.

Crisostomo said that adults and kids alike flocked to the ‘minion’ character costumes from the Despicable Me movie franchise.

Campbell also said she’s seen a “surge” in sales of accessories and costume pieces.

“People might be using what they already have at home and buying a new wig or something to create their costume,” she said.

Popular shows like Duck Dynasty makes it relatively simple to don few items, like a faux beard, bandanna and camouflage to become a new personna, perhaps Willie Robertson himself.

Whatever you decided to wear, keep in mind these costume safety tips:

Choose fire-retardant costumes. Use make-up instead of masks. Avoid oversized costumes and shoes that can cause kids to trip. Attach reflective tape to the costumes to make kids easier to spot.

Other safety tips: ensure emergency information (name, number, and address)is somewhere on each child if they are going out without a parent. Have each child carry a flashlight to help them see where she’s going. Make sure children 12 years old and younger are accompanied by an adult. And go only in neighborhoods that are familiar.