Fire District 14 furnishes sleigh for neighborhood tour.

Tracey Cooper/ Staff Photo Santa Claus makes his way through Hansville neighborhoods Wednesday night. This was one of the many North Kitsap tours he went on this week. Santa visits Ho Ho Hansville

“HANSVILLE – ‘Twas four days until Christmas and in the North End, Hansville tykes got a visit from a jolly old friend. The lights were hung on each home with care, in hopes that St. Nick’s next stop would be there. Wednesday night, children weren’t nestled all snug in their beds, they were at windows looking for lights white and red. With Capt. Allan (Voves) at the wheel and an elf (Fire District 14 Commissioner Leon Thomas) by his side, Santa climbed onto Engine 89 for a nighttime ride. To Shoreview Terrace, Driftwood Keys and Shorewoods!, he said. Those children have been good, I hope they’re not already in bed. Santa’s three-hour tour began at about a quarter past six, he gathered up wish lists and gave out peppermint sticks. There were Sabrina, Megan, Julia, and Hannah and dozens more who braved the cold night to see Santa. When what to their wondering eyes should appear but the flashing lights of the fire engine – who needs reindeer? There atop the rumbling truck Santa sat waving, to all the people he knew were behaving. There were babies, toddlers and a few teens, who greeted the big guy that created the big scene. Others stayed on their porches or peeked through the curtains, Santa saw them all that’s for certain. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! he exclaimed all the while, when asked how District 14 got him to come to Hansville so close to Christmas, Voves said We bribed him with children’s smiles. “