Fee changes coming to NKSD next year

Fee changes will be implemented in the North Kitsap School District next year, some increasing and others decreasing.

The Food & Nutrition Service Program fees will not be increased for breakfast and lunch due to increased state funding for elementary schools with more than 40% free and reduced student enrollment (Wolfle, Suquamish), school board documents state. Ala carte pricing for food items not on the National School Lunch Program will be increased by about 25% due to increases in general food prices. They are extra items for which NKSD receives no reimbursement from state or federal sources.

The facility rentals and NK pool rates will increase by 10%. The costs reflect increases in materials and labor associated with operating and staffing district facilities for outside user groups.

The ASB/Participation Fees have been developed by the Associated Student Body Board, athletics departments and participating schools. Funds generated by those fees directly benefit students and student activities, per documents.

The 2023-24 fees are largely unchanged with three exceptions. High school ASB cards are increasing from $35 to $40, Poulsbo Middle School yearbooks will increase from $30 to $35, and high school parking fees will be reduced from $25 to $5.