Eagle projects improve church gym, Fish Park

Ethan Guerra recently received his Eagle Scout ranks.

Ethan’s service project involved painting the interior of First Lutheran Church’s gymnasium. He was supported by other Scouts in Troop 1571, along with leadership and families. Sherwin Williams in Poulsbo supplied the paint at half price.

Ethan said he wanted to give back to the church because it has supported Scouts for decades, along with being their charter organization. “I thought repainting the church’s gym would make that kind of contribution, as its walls were discolored and had both small holes and stains throughout,” he said.

Ethan added that if First Lutheran had hired a private contractor, the job would have cost around $10,000. He said it took about 260 hours to complete the job. “Now the gym looks brand new and very clean,” Ethan said.

He was appreciative of all who helped. “To me, making Eagle Scout gives me the confidence to accomplish and lead a hard task, as well as the great feeling that I am following the path of many other Eagles who have become great leaders in our country,” he said.

Two others have completed their projects on the way to becoming Eagle Scouts.

Ryan Hagerman’s service project was building new picnic tables for Fish Park. “Completing the project was one of the most fun experiences I have done to date, and even with the inevitable drawbacks, I appreciated the experience and understanding I now have for most communal projects,” Ryan said.

He said he wasn’t very fond of the “immense” amount of paperwork he had to do to prepare for the project, but once he got started and saw how everyone worked together he had fun. Ryan also said he appreciated all the help. “I’m glad that I had the chance to work with you all.”

Riley Sallis also installed two benches at the Fish Park as he was told by Parks and Recreation that was a huge need. He added he enjoyed contributing to Mary McClusky’s legacy, as she has done so much for Parks and Rec and his Boy Scout troop also.

He said he hopes people can use the benches and tables he and Ryan installed for many years to come. “The benches and tables are a great place to sit and watch the birds and the water,” Riley said, adding he expects to officially get his Eagle Scout honor in the spring of 2022.

Reaching Eagle status is the highest honor in scouting. For the first 50 years of the Boy Scout Association, only approximately 2% completed this rank. More recently, this percentage has hovered between 4% and 6% nationally. Overall, this experience involves training, mentoring, survival, community support and service, and more.