Convicted murderer DeJesus awaits appeal hearing


Special to the Independent

PORT ORCHARD­– Geraldo Castro DeJesus sits in a jail cell waiting for a series of numbers.

The series of numbers is the date that Kitsap County Superior Court first hears DeJesus’ motion to appeal his murder convictions.

DeJesus was found guilty in the murders of ex-girlfriend Heather Kelso and 2-year-old Kaden Lum in a case that shook the community. The tragic incident took place at the Kariotis Mobile Home Park in East Bremerton on March 28, 2015.

Also shot were Jalisa Lum, who was Kaden Lum’s mother and Kelso’s roommate, and Matthew Dean. But they lived through the incident, adding two attempted murder convictions to DeJesus’ charges.

Tom Weaver, who served as defense counsel during the original trial, says he wouldn’t be surprised if the subject of ballistics comes up. “In my opinion,” Weaver said, “firearm toolmark examination will be one of the major issues brought up in appeal.”

DeJesus had previously resided at the mobile home park with Kelso and their infant daughter before Kelso filed for a protection order against DeJesus in February 2015.

In words that could be called eerily prophetic, Kelso wrote in her petition to the court: “I am fearful that the violent behavior I have described … will continue or escalate now that I have ended the relationship.”

Several weeks later, DeJesus went on his murderous rampage.

From the beginning, DeJesus was the prime suspect. He was arrested without incident at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard where he worked as a painter. Kelso previously worked in the same paint shop.

De Jesus was ultimately convicted of two counts of first-degree murder — one with a special allegation of domestic violence — and two counts of attempted murder. De Jesus has always maintained his innocence.