City OKs 46-lot Poulsbo Meadows subdivision

The city has approved the final plat for Poulsbo Meadows, the newest single-family housing subdivision located on the east side of city limits.

Poulsbo Meadows is a 9.18 acre, 46 lot subdivision located on the Northeast side of city limits along Noll Road and Tallagson Lane. The preliminary plat design was approved in March 2019 by the Kitsap County hearing examiner.

The creation of this subdivision includes two new city roads and one private road, which includes a 30-foot emergency access route as well as potential road expansion to the Mountain Aire neighborhood should development begin along with those properties.

One of the logistic challenges this subdivision presented to the city was the extension and connection of utilities, such as water, sewer and stormwater from the Mountain Aire neighborhood.

“Since the properties between Mountain Aire and Poulsbo Meadows were not proposing development, they had to pursue easements for these utilities in the county,” said Anthony Burgess, a city engineer. “This was planned for, when the project was active before 2008. So this is one of our last legacy projects in town.”

There are two items that remain before the final plat can be recorded by the city. Completed inspections of the plat as well as landscaping, bonding by the city, and installation of the play structure and other neighborhood amenities.

Perimeter fencing was completed prior to the Nov. 18 City Council meeting.

“There are a few spots of landscaping remaining; the majority of this is surrounding the central play structure. This structure has been delayed by the subcontractor due to COVID staffing issues and material availability,” Burgess said. “We’re expecting it to be installed end of November beginning of December.”

Once the play structure is installed the subdivision can be finalized with the county and lots can begin to be sold to home builders. There are two model homes in the area to give potential land purchasers some perspective.