Christ the King Lutheran School closes over COVID-19 concerns

Student’s extended family member being tested for COVID-19 prompts Silverdale school’s closure

Christ the King Lutheran School in Silverdale has closed Thursday and will remain closed Friday after staff became aware that an extended family member of one of their students was being tested for COVID-19, according to Principal Chris Heintz.

Heintz said the school will be closing out of precaution for the rest of Thursday and all of Friday. Additionally, all school events and activities will be canceled for the next three days. Test results from the extended family member of the student are expected in the next 72 hours or sooner.

A school email sent out to parents Thursday stated that the student’s family is not showing symptoms of the virus, nor has the family member with the suspected case been on the school’s campus recently. The school advises parents to pick up their children at their earliest convenience. Over the weekend, school staff will conduct a thorough, deep-cleaning of the school.