Card deck combines art, history and community; card party Feb. 27 at Sidney Museum

The Sidney Museum and Art Association will host a “card party” on Feb. 27 to showcase their newest fundraising project.

The Sidney Museum and Art Association will host a “card party” on Feb. 27 to showcase their newest fundraising project.

The card party is from 6:30-9 p.m. at the Sidney Art Gallery and Museum, 202 Sidney Ave. Tickets are $20 each, but space is limited.

“We going to do a game night and each person who attends gets a deck of cards,” said Chris Stansbery, SMAA board member and treasurer. “We’ll have card and board games for people to play, along with refreshments and food.”

SMAA ordered 1,000 decks — 500 in black and 500 in red. “We did black and red because people who play bridge need two color decks,” Stansberry said.

Art Director Pam Heinrich said SMAA used their own funds to produce the cards.

“No hotel and motel money from the city was used,” she noted.

The idea of the cards was the brainchild of Heinrich, according to Stansberry.

“Pam brought it to the board and she followed through with it until the finished project,” Stansbery said. “She was a big part of the project.”

Heinrich said there was two reasons for developing the cards.

“For one, we wanted to promote the talented artist we have in the area and to also develop a marketing tool to show off things we have in Port Orchard — people, places, events and things that have happened here, mixing history with art.,” said Heinrich.

Stansbery said there is no certain pattern among the cards, except the King cards feature men, the Queen cards are women, while the A&W Bear and See-More Seagull are on the Joker cards.

“The Joker cards are my favorite,” said Heinrich.

The card box features a zentangle design by Jani Freimann.

“I asked one of our artist to design something special for the cards and the box cover,” Heinrich said. “She came up with this pin-and-ink zentangle artwork with hidden subjects such as an eagle, totem pole and anchor.”

She added that Freiman’s design will also be used for coloring pages during the city’s 125 anniversary celebration on Sept. 5.

The card deck features an array of images.

“When we were setting them, we tried to where in each row there was at least one photo and artwork, so it is not all one design,” Stansberry said.

She said the cards contain photographs that are from the museum’s collection, artwork and paintings by local artists, and even quilts block.

“The museum for many years has done a Heritage quilt and we found some really good pictures from the quilt blocks,” Stansbery said.

One of the cards contains a photos of South Kitsap High School in 1935, the Blanchard Home in 1920, a view of Bay Street from 1925, a 1908 photo of the Masonic Hall, a 1932 photo of Retsil Veterans Home with an airship overhead, the D&R Theater from 1954, Kitsap County Courthouse from 1908 and others.

Several modern photos include the 2014 Fathoms Royal Court, Cedar Cover Inn, A&W sign, downtown Port Orchard, Port Orchard City Hall, and Sidney Art Gallery and Museum. Stansbery said the artwork, paintings and photographs gives credit to the creator.

Some of the local artists and photographers include Dee Marie, Sherry Beck, Kathy Kelly, Penny Percenti, John Schuster, Steve Abbott and Mary McInnis.

Stansberry said SMAA can order more cards if needed.

She also feels another set of cards could be done for future fundraisers.

The cards can be purchased for $10 at the museum.