Bremerton teen gets 14 years for murder

Bremerton teen Lola Luna will spend the first 14 years of her adult life behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder in December and sentenced Jan. 30.

Luna’s first few years will be served under custody of the state’s Department of Children, Youth and Families. She will then be transferred to the state’s Department of Corrections at the age of 25.

The sentence came just two years after Luna, then just 16 years old, stabbed another 16-year-old, Syanna Puryear-Tucker, multiple times in a fight outside of Luna’s Bremerton residence. The fight had been premeditated, according to police and testimony from the case, as Luna had beat up another girl at the Kitsap Mall before Puryear-Tucker challenged Luna to fight.

The victim was rushed to the hospital by friends and later died from her wounds. She left behind an infant child.

Luna was arrested and charged shortly after. Her attorney claimed she was defending herself, but the jury rejected that argument.

Judge William Houser in handing down the sentence seemed to split the difference between the wishes of the prosecution and defense. Prosecuting attorney Barbara Dennis asked for as much as 20 years, saying despite her age, Luna knew what she had been doing, and justice was needed by the victim’s family. Defense attorney John Kannin argued for a 3½-year sentence with regard to her age at the time of the murder and claiming that Puryear-Tucker had acted as an instigator.

Houser sided largely with the prosecution, saying Luna had the chance to not continue the fight or use deadly force and instead killed her opponent.

The family of the victim later said the sentence was shorter than what it had hoped for, but the goal now is to keep the memory of their lost family member alive.