Bremerton killing linked to Poulsbo man convicted of PO vehicular homicide

A 48-year-old Poulsbo man previously convicted of vehicular homicide in the 2008 death of a Port Orchard woman has been arrested again and is facing a slew of new allegations, including second-degree murder.

Officers from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and Washington State Patrol had already taken Stephen Terry Harvey into custody early Feb. 5 on charges of a felony DUI, multiple hit and runs, possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless driving and obstruction of law enforcement.

WSP probable cause documents say several calls came in for multiple hits and runs around 7 a.m. on State Route 3 starting at State Route 303 involving a white Toyota Tundra. A trooper noted that Harvey had allegedly “collided with a total of nine vehicles, pushing some of them off the roadway” before his truck rolled and was disabled.

Harvey allegedly attempted to take over vehicles while fleeing on foot, even jumping into the bed of a pickup for a while and then ripping a car door handle off in an attempt to take another vehicle. He sustained minor injuries in the process and was transported to St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale before being booked into the Kitsap jail in Port Orchard.

Trooper Kaleb Miller wrote in his report that Harvey “was manic and began yelling and lacked a clear train of thought. His eyes were bloodshot and watery, and he was sweating profusely.”

Reports continue on to say his mood swings would start in rage and end nearly in tears. He denied being on drugs, but the officer said in his experience the suspect was impaired by either drugs or alcohol. A warrant was issued to draw his blood at St. Michael.

Harvey was arraigned Feb. 6 in Superior Court and pleaded not guilty to the felony DUI and four additional misdemeanors, but that same day, the Bremerton Police Department discovered a dead 45-year-old woman while conducting a welfare check in the 5000 block of 5th Street.

A Feb. 7 BPD news release states that Harvey was “known to the victim” and probable cause was developed to arrest Harvey on the additional charge of murder in the second degree.

Court documents went further to note that Harvey was the boyfriend of the victim, identified in documents as Andrea Gaudette, though the relationship was described by the victim’s friends and co-workers as “contentious,” “volatile” and “seemed to be progressively failing.” It was also disclosed that Harvey had allegedly been “emotionally abusive” to the victim.

A search warrant led to the uncovering Feb. 5 video clips from the home’s security system that allegedly shows the events leading up to Gaudette’s death, including multiple instances of Harvey shouting at her to call 911 and Gaudette telling Harvey to get out. Ultimately, the report says, the video shows Gaudette overpowered via a “violent pushing” from the suspect and ends as she is heard screaming.

The footage then allegedly shows Harvey’s departure from the house, leading to his DUI arrest just minutes later.

Harvey’s name is all too familiar to some Port Orchard residents after he was convicted in the drunk-driving death of 34-year-old mother Jessica Torres in a 2008 head-on crash on Clear Creek Road. He was sentenced in 2009 to the longest time allowed on that charge, 41 months in prison.

Harvey has racked up multiple arrests since then, including another DUI in 2022 that is still pending. Court documents also note that while there had been “no documented domestic violence incidents between Stephen and Andrea, Harvey also has multiple violence-related charges/convictions for resisting law enforcement.