Black Goat won’t get Old Kingston Hotel

Black Goat Test Kitchen in Kingston recently announced that it will no longer be opening the market/hotel that was planned to be in the Old Kingston Hotel as the building owner has other plans.

“We are broken-hearted from the fact that we abruptly had to close down the food truck and clear out of the hotel even though we were just days away from opening up,” co-owner Cat Biggar wrote in an email.

While Black Goat looks for another location, it still offers pre-orders of food as it continues to do three-course takeout meals where they can be picked up at the Village Green Community Center in Kingston or St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on Bainbridge Island. It will also continue to offer private Supperclubs that need to be booked in advance.

“There has been so much encouragement from the community,” Biggars wrote. “We want everyone to know we are still here and serving food. Tell your friends we’ll continue to bring good food and smiles to Kingston. Time to move onwards and upwards. We are actively looking for our next location. Don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas.”