Area Lights and Sirens

Here's a look a crime happenings in both Bremerton and the Silverdale area.

After arrest, man says he’ll work with SWAT

A Bremerton man under Department of Corrections supervision was found in Midway Hotel with syringes, a gun and a passed out female on his bed, according to a Bremerton Police Department report. Officers located the man at the hotel after he failed to check in with an officer after leaving his residency. After receiving information from an informant, DoC officers contacted the 30-year-old man in his room where he was arrested due to the “information regarding guns and drugs in the room.” Officers conducted a search of the room while the handcuffed man took a seat on the floor. Inside the room, a glass smoking pipe was found along with prescription pills. The residue inside the pipe tested positive for methamphetamine. While being transported to Kitsap County Jail, the man stated he had “narcotic information” and was willing to work with SWAT. He was booked on his warrant with no bail and for possession of methamphetamine with a $10,000 bail.

Bremerton man buying heroin runs from cop

A 21-year-old man was arrested after being found participating in a hand-to-hand drug transaction, according to a probable cause report by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect ran when a deputy tried to grab hold of him after spotting heroin in hand. After being found later, he apologized for running. The Bremerton man admitted to officers that he traded a necklace for a bag of heroin.

“The baggie contained .02 grams of NIK tested positive heroin, total weigh, including packaging,” states the report. The drug pick up was from the same person the man had purchased drugs from earlier in the day. The arrangements were made via text message, and the phone was obtained for evidence for a possible search warrant to inlcude “forensic examination for evidence of the crime of the delivery of heroin.” The man was booked for a VUCSA charge ($20,000) and for an obstructing charge ($5,000).

Drunk man discharges firearm in Seabeck neighborhood

On Nov. 9, officers were dispatched to a Seabeck Highway address where several callers reported shots had been fired. According to a Kitsap County Sheriff’s incident/investigation report, deputies responded to the location which had previous domestic violence calls to the department. A male came out of the residence when deputies arrived, and he told officers that only three people were in the house: he, his 8-month pregnant girlfriend and his roommate. The male told deputies the three of them were drinking and his roommate became extremely intoxicated and “urinated in his pants,” states the report. The pregnant woman commented that the urine smell bothered her, and the roommate was asked to change his pants. He became so irritated that he got his “12 gauge shotgun and began shooting it out the front door, which is fronted about 50 feet away by Seabeck Highway,” the report states. The 21-year-old also fired shots out the rear bedroom window of his upstairs bedroom. When asked to stop firing the weapon, he pointed the gun at the other male and told him to leave. When deputies approached the suspect inside the house, he was holding a hammer, which he dropped when asked to do so. Deputies noted several shotgun shells laying on the ground near the front door. At one point, the roommate barricaded his friend and girlfriend outside the house. The suspect was transported to jail and booked for “aiming or discharging a firearm and reckless endangerment (DV).”

Man bites fianceé, steals her personal items

Officers responded to a McDonald’s on Nov. 9 when a caller reported her fiancé had bit her hand, stolen her bag and broke her phone. Her fiancé left her at the restaurant. The male became distraught when the caller spoke with a friend of hers about their relationship problems. He called her friend and demanded information about the conversation. The engaged couple agreed to meet in a public place to discuss the situation. Publicly, the male yelled and insisted she was lying and stated he would be going to the Verizon store to pull her phone records to see who she had been talking to since he knew “she was lying to him,” states the report. He also noted he had her bag with “all her information in it for work,” including her tablet. The woman followed her fiancé outside to try and get her bag back. He told her to get in the vehicle so they could talk. Upon opening the door, the woman tried to grab her bag, but could not when she was bit. He continued to bite until “she could feel the skin being pulled from her hand.” She hit him with her phone to try and get away, and as a result, the phone broke. He then “peeled” out of the parking lot and the woman went inside to call 911. The suspect was transported to Kitsap County Jail where he was booked for burglary in the second degree domestic violence. Bail is set at $50,000.