$500K needed to acquire timber rights at Port Gamble Heritage park

Forterra, a local nonprofit that does conservation land acquisition, has started a $500,000 fundraising campaign to acquire the timber rights of 756 acres at Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.

“Transferring these trees to Kitsap County will enable the county to manage the land and transform these stands into healthy forests for climate, community and conservation,” the fundraising page states.

Rayonier maintains timber harvesting rights for portions of the park through 2042. Rayonier owns the trees, but not the land.

When the county purchased more than 1,500 acres in 2017 to bring the park to nearly 3,500 acres, enough funds were raised to acquire the land but not the timber rights.

An anonymous donor will match the funds by eight times, according to the fundraising page. As of Aug. 18, $1,235 had been raised. The deadline to raise the funds is Oct. 31.