2 Port of Kingston parcels to be rezoned for future development

The Kitsap Board of County Commissioners last week approved to rezone two Port of Kingston parcels in the downtown area for future development that has yet to be determined.

According to documents, the two parcels totaling 8.84 acres are the only land in the area that is in the Comprehensive Plan designation Urban Low-Intensity Commercial that is not zoned Urban Village Center. Rezoning to Urban Village Center will make the two parcels more consistent with the rest of Kingston’s downtown area.

The port’s mission is to “enhance the economic and social well-being of port district residents by support of the economy and by providing a waterfront facility for recreation and leisure activities,” documents read. Additionally, the port said future development will help create jobs, increase the tax base, add more attractiveness to Kingston as a destination, and potentially drive new development.

Most public comments were not in favor of additional development, noting the environment of Kingston and the cove should be the top priority. In response to those comments, the county’s Department of Community Development said that Kingston is a designated Urban Growth Area and continued development on an appropriate scale is necessary. Environmental concerns will be dealt with at the project application stage via SEPA and Shoreline permit requirements.