The Home Doctor Reviews – Practical Medicine for Every Household Guide

Recent years have proven that a country’s government system plus the stress of a pandemic or natural disaster can collapse the entire health care system. Countries like Venezuela are a true example of what happens when health care fails.

Consequently, everyone worldwide needs to learn survival tactics to ensure they can get primary health care without any medical background. Many people had to learn self-treatment methods at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when hospitals were overwhelmed.

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household is a 300+ page book featuring various practical and natural health regimens. What is inside the doctor’s manual? Is Home Doctor worth the hype?

Introducing the Home Doctor Book

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household is a book created by various health experts, survivalists, and doctors, and it is available in digital and physical versions.

The key authors, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, Dr. Maybell Nieves, and survivalist Claude Davis have a rich medical background to write a practical guide that can be essential when the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed during an emergency. The Home Doctor Book is also perfect for everyday use. Customers can naturally utilize the rich medical knowledge to prevent and manage various health issues.

Inside the Home Doctor Guide, consumers can expect to learn various natural wellness solutions, alternative natural treatment plans, and some of the beneficial plants found in most backyards. Similarly, many of the treatments and preventive measures in the guide are backed by scientific and historical evidence.

Still, the Home Doctor is NOT a substitute for any medical treatment. Instead, it is a practical guide specially created for individuals with zero medical care access. These include war zone areas, remote places, and limited healthcare infrastructure.

What is Inside Home Doctor?

Home Doctor authors market the book to anyone that does not have direct access to modern medicine. The information in the book is practical and easy to follow. It does not contain complicated medical jargon making it ideal for adults with basic literacy skills. Some of the information in Home Doctor includes:

Medical Supplies That You Need At Home

Most people “panic buy” during an emergency, leading to a shortage of essential medical supplies. Home Doctor lists ten medical supplies you can easily stock today to ensure you do not run during your time of need.

Most American-based medical supplies are from India and China. Thus, a disruption in the supply chain can cause a severe shortage of essential medical items. Home Doctor educates the readers on some of the crucial medical supplies that one should always have in stock.

What Not To Do After Blackouts

Every medical institution and home across the globe is dependent on power. Thus, a blackout is likely to cause panic and chaos. Home Doctor warns the readers of some of the greatest mistakes anyone will likely make after a blackout. The medical guide teaches users what to do with sensitive medical supplies like Humira and insulin to prevent them from going bad after a blackout.

How to Detect a Heart Attack and Manage It

Experts reveal that recognizing an imminent heart attack can save your life. Some early symptoms include sudden pressure to the chest, pain or discomfort in the arms, jaws, back, or stomach, shortness of breath, nausea, and a cold sweat. The Home Doctor Guide recommends getting immediate medical support if you notice two key symptoms. Still, ingesting aspirin or nitroglycerin soothes the heart muscles and reduces pressure on the heart a least before help arrives.

Four Antibiotics that you Should Stockpile Even Without a Prescription

Scientific discoveries prove that antibiotics are essential in fighting infections at their early stages. Home Doctor Blueprint provides users with a list of four common antibiotics you can stockpile without a prescription.

Expired Medication

Most expired medicine is dangerous. However, certain medications are still safe and may come in handy after paralysis in the medical care system. Home Doctor lists expired medications that could be used to save your life without modern medical care.

Natural Painkillers Growing in Your Backyard

Survivalist Claude Davis explains some painkillers that naturally grow in your backyard. This herbal treatment thrives naturally and can offer users quality analgesic effects should local pharmacies run out of stock.

How to Manage Stroke

Home Doctor explains to the readers some of the easiest methods of identifying a stroke. Similarly, the medical guide teaches the readers one essential thing to do to survive a stroke attack.

How to Stockpile and Get Prescription Medication

It is not easy to stock some medication safely at home. Insulin is a sensitive diabetes medication that requires utmost care to keep and store. Home Doctor Guide reveals some of the best methods one can use to stockpile medicines that are hard to store.

How to Manage Skin Issues

Home Doctor provides readers with practical care and knowledge of skin conditions regardless of their professional background. The book reveals some treatment plans for dermatitis, open wounds, corns, arts, insect bites, and fungal infections, among other skin problems.

How to Use Home Doctor Book

Home Doctor has about 304 pages comprising natural treatment plans and practical remedies to common ailments without robust medical care. Health solutions are readily available, for example, in your backyard, in local pharmacies, or grocery shops. Home Doctor is written in simple English, with quality diagrams, practical tips, and systematic explanations.

Home Doctor Benefits

  • The medical information in Home Doctor can save lives should the medical care system collapse.
  • The 304 pages book comprises practical health tips.
  • Home Doctor is written by certified doctors and experts
  • It does not have complicated medical jargon
  • It may aid people living in remote areas with limited medical infrastructure.

Home Doctor Pricing

Customers can buy Home Doctor only via the official website. The book is available in print and digital versions. The digital version becomes available immediately after payment. Customers that opt for the hardcover Home Doctor book will incur a small shipping fee in addition to the regular price of $37.

Home Doctor comes with two free eBook bonuses, including:

  • Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans
  • Wild Edibles You Can Forage for or Find Around Your Houses

Each Home Doctor purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can email customer support at support@homedoctorbook.com with any questions you may have.


Home Doctor is an easy read and comprises basic information to give users alternative medical advice should the health care support system fail. Inside the 304 pages guide, customers can expect to find natural remedies to common sicknesses, natural medicine alternatives, and herbal solutions that grow naturally in most backyards. Visit the official website today to order your copy of Home Doctor.



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