Ready to reserve a Mustang-inspired electric SUV? It’s this easy

Save significant cash by choosing Port Angeles for delivery of your new Mustang Mach E!

If you love the performance of the Mustang, need the room of an SUV and are looking to go electric, Ford unveiled exciting news this week.

The Mustang Mach E, a state-of-the-art, all-electric powerhouse with a 300-mile range that looks as good as it’ll perform, will get your blood pumping in anticipation of the first vehicles being available to consumers in late 2020. That includes on the Olympic Peninsula, where lower sales tax can save you serious cash.

Mark Ostroot, general sales manager with Price Ford in Port Angeles, finds it difficult to contain his excitement over the Mach E: “This thing is just sexy, it is phenomenal. This is the first mass-produced electric vehicle that you can look at and say “I aspire to drive that.’”

Reservations underway now at Ford.com

Launched to great fanfare Sunday, the Mustang Mach E is the most lauded new Ford since it introduced the redesigned Mustang in 2011. Hopeful buyers began immediately logging in to Ford.com, providing a refundable $500 deposit to reserve their vehicle, and choosing their selected dealer from which to take delivery.

User-friendly technology at your fingertips

Its sleek lines and multitude of interior options aside, the Mach E’s technology will make driving a pleasure and a breeze. “This is the most technology Ford has put into a vehicle,” Ostroot says. “This car will download updates through WiFi and has a portrait screen in the center console to allow you to improve the operation of the vehicle and its comforts.”

Extra discounts available – A federal e-vehicle tax credit of $7,500 is available for Mach E purchasers – ask at Price Ford for details!

Selecting Price Ford for your new Mustang Mach E makes sense. Here’s why:

  • Tax-friendly – Ford has mandated all dealers to sell the Mach E for MSRP, so why not come to Port Angeles where you can pay less sales tax?
  • Commitment to infrastructure – Price Ford is part of Ford’s Next-Gen EV Certification program, has two fast chargers going in at the dealership, and will be installing a specialized lift that will enable technicians to more easily replace the heavy plate batteries that power all-electric vehicles. Ford itself is developing a robust network of 16,000 fast chargers across the country.
  • Not sure about reserving your Mustang Mach E? – You can test drive the vehicle at Price Ford next fall, and while the first production run will likely be all spoken for by then, Ostroot reminds that Mach E will be around for the long haul. Drivers who want to drive it first before making a commitment will have plenty of opportunity.

Find more information on reserving your Mustang Mach E through Price Ford online here, or call the EV hotline at 360-457-3333 or the main dealership number at 1-888-928-4725. You can also follow the latest news on the Price Ford Facebook page.

Ford Motor Company executives and actor Idris Elba celebrate the unveiling of the Mustang Mach E in an online event Sunday. Ford Motor Company/YouTube

Ford Motor Company executives and actor Idris Elba celebrate the unveiling of the Mustang Mach E in an online event Sunday. Ford Motor Company/YouTube

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