BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric Reviewed

Experts recommend eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep to fight unhealthy aging. Some people use beauty products, including shampoos, soaps, lotions, and creams, to maintain a youthful glow and energy.

An increase in pollution and harmful chemicals can supposedly accelerate aging. Ancient folks ate almost every part of the animal, thus providing their bodies with adequate collagen. Similarly, the natives regularly ate beef and other animal parts, ensuring they provided their system with collagen-producing nutrients.

The collagen and turmeric blend is scientifically proven to maintain skin elasticity and bone, gut, and joint health. However, the modern diet is devoid of collagen-boosting foods. In addition, getting the proper amount of collagen from food alone is challenging. A study shows that damage to collagen fibers reduces the thickness and strength and leads to surface wrinkles from environmental exposures.

About BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric Supplement

The body can naturally produce the most abundant protein form – collagen. Health experts claim that collagen is essential for youthful and elastic skin, bone, and gut health. In addition, the compound supports the growth of muscle mass and fighting “old age,”

In food, collagen is naturally found only in animal flesh like meat and fish containing connective tissue. In one post by Havard, The Nutrition Source, “Our bodies gradually make less collagen as we age, but collagen production drops most quickly due to excess sun exposure, smoking, excess alcohol, and lack of sleep and exercise. With aging, collagen in the deep skin layers changes from a tightly organized network of fibers to an unorganized maze.”

Turmeric is among the most prevalent beneficial spices, with a record of giving users numerous health results. Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric formulation can offer users multiple benefits, including fighting unhealthy aging, boosting immunity, and supporting bone and joint health, among other benefits.

BioTrust is a US-based company and the creator of the Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric formula. Each scoop comprises five types of collagen and a proprietary blend of spices that can support longevity and diminish the risk of developing age-related health issues. It is easy to consume and in the most appropriate clinical dosages to give users maximum health benefits.

Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric formulation mixes well with hot or cold drinks. It supposedly provides the body with high-quality ingredients to enhance collagen levels and boost immunity. In addition, it has natural ingredients and zero harmful chemicals.

How Does Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric Work?

Collagen production slows down with age. However, factors such as deficient diet, stress, lack of sleep, environmental pollutants, and exposure to dangerous UV rays hinder the body from creating adequate collagen. As a result, many people start developing wrinkles, joint issues, and dry hair after age 35.

Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric supplement can supposedly support healthy aging and heighten overall health. It works by providing the body with various types of collagen and other nutrients to help skin, bone, nails, hair, and overall well-being.

Collagen Supplements and why Most are Ineffective

  • Most collagen formulations comprise one source of collagen and thus may not offer significant health benefits to users.
  • Some collagen supplements do not give users “complete proteins,” meaning they do not provide the body with adequate nutrients to make essential amino acids.
  • Most collagen formulations do not offer the most effective dosages, i.e., about 5-10 grams per serving.
  • Various collagen supplements do not give users hydrolyzed bioactive collagen peptides (BCP); thus are not easily digested or absorbed in the body.
  • Numerous collagen formulas have a foul taste and flavor. Other powdered collagen formulations do not mix well with hot or cold drinks giving users a hard time swallowing a clumpy mess.
  • Specific collagen formulas have zero added ingredients like turmeric and thus may not offer the desired results.

Ageless Collagen Plus Turmeric is hydrolyzed, allowing the body to digest, absorb, and assimilate the nutrients. In addition, the collagen plus spices blend has all the essential amino acids. Thus, users are likely to notice significant health benefits within a short time.

Key Collagen Ingredients


11.25g of BioTrust bioactive peptide blend Collagen

Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric comprises five types of collagen from four sources, including pasture-raised beef, egg, fish, and chicken. There are over 28 types of collagen. However, five types are critically essential, including:

  • Type I – The skin, ligaments, bones, and tensions have large amounts of type 1 collagen.
  • Type II – It is exclusively found in the joint cartilage, particularly between bones
  • Type III – It is commonly found in the skin and gut lining
  • Type V – It is prevalent in the skin, joints, and bones
  • Type X – It is a rare collagen type found in the joints

The different types of collagen are essential in improving the skin, hair, bone, joints, nail, and overall well being. Per the formulator, the blend of five collagen is easy to digest and absorb.

1,300mg Organic Spice Blend

Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric has 1300 mg of a blend of spices comprising ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric. The organic spice blend supports healthy inflammations and can amplify immunity. The turmeric in the collagen blend is essential in strengthening overall health. Numerous studies indicate that it can lower swelling, boost immunity, and support joint health.

140mg of fermented L-tryptophan

According to the official website, the formula contains ingredients obtained from eggs, white fish, and tree nuts from coconut. Although the formula does not have all of the following, it is produced in a facility that processes egg, milk, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and wheat for those with allergies.

How to Consume Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric

Ageless Multi-Collagen and Turmeric mix smoothly with hot and drink drinks. The creator recommends mixing one scoop with about 8 ounces of cool and hot liquids. Customers can mix it with their favorite plant-based milk, such as coconut and milk. It has a smooth Golden Milk flavor, and users can add other spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger for extra health benefits.

Each Bag comprises about 20-40 servings, depending on the user’s preference. Active folks can add about 5g of the collagen blend to protein and coffee drinks for an extra athletic boost. BioTrust assures users that the supplement has no stimulants or caffeine and is thus unlikely to give users any jitters.

Users can take Ageless Multi-Collagen plus Turmeric powder several times daily without any adverse side effects. Still, users must check the product label to ensure they are not allergic to anti-aging supplement ingredients.

Benefits of Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric Blend

  • The Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric easily mixes with cold and hot beverages.
  • It can improve joint and bone health.
  • It can enhance the nails and hair strength, texture, and color
  • It may support healthy aging
  • It can improve skin health
  • 5g (half scoop) or 10g (full scoop) of protein in each serving

Pricing for Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric

All Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric packets contain 20 servings and are sold exclusively via the official website. BioTrust claims it takes less than six days to receive packages in the US.

Each purchase comes with free shipping, VIP Live Health and Fitness Coaching for Life, and a digital e-report, “The 13 Foods that Accelerate Aging. In addition, each purchase allows the company to donate nutritious meals to over 5.3 million kids across the globe. Prices are as follows:

  • One Bag Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric $34.00 + Free US Shipping
  • Three Bags Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric $87.00 + Free US Shipping
  • Six Bags Ageless Multi-Collagen + Turmeric $144.00 + Free US Shipping

BioTrust offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on each Ageless Multi-Collagen Plus Turmeric purchase. Customers can contact BioTrust at the following:

  • Email: support@biotrust.com
  • Phone (US & Canada): 1-800-766-5086
  • Phone (International): +1 512 721 0026

Final Word

The nutritional company offers health supplements and products through BioTrust.com. Ageless Collagen + Turmeric provides the body with five collagen types and healthy spices. BioTrust and its medical advisory board make the formulations.

Ageless Collagen Plus Turmeric can support healthy aging, boost immunity, and reduce the risk of developing age-related health issues. The formula is easy to prepare and does not give users a clumpy mess. In addition, it is easy to digest and provides users with collagen and complete and pure protein.