Best Portable Air Conditioners: Find Portable AC Air Coolers

Even though summer can be fun, the heat can overwhelm you very quickly. When it gets very hot outside, you have two choices: either stay inside the house sweating and uncomfortable or find a way to keep yourself cool without necessarily spending a small fortune on a regular air conditioning unit.

The great news is the latter is possible, thanks to portable personal air conditioners. These portable ACs can keep you cool all summer. They’re great at lowering your room’s temperature and getting rid of the hot air.

Their portable nature also means that you can move them around to anywhere you want –your office, bedroom, study, or even the patio. Compared to regular air conditioners, this helps means you can stay cool without relying on conventional ACs. In other words, these portable air conditioners help you “eat your cake and have it” at the same time.

However, because there are many personal air conditioning devices, choosing one can be difficult. Thankfully, we’ve done a comparison of many devices and have arrived at the top portable air conditioners for 2021 that you can use today.

If you’re looking for the 2021 best portable ACs, this list is all you need. We’ve reviewed each of these items and can categorically tell you how they perform and why you should or shouldn’t get them.

Let’s get into this list of the best portable air conditioning systems for 2021:

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

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Staying cool in the summer shouldn’t involve huge expenses on conventional air conditioners. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC meets those needs perfectly. It is handy, easy to move around, powerful, and very affordable. You don’t need a cord to use the portable air conditioner as it has an in-built battery.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC comes with a humidifier. This comes in handy during those sweltering and highly humid summers where it feels like the air is heavy and you’re about to choke on the heat. This AC will blast the heat out of your room, and eliminate the humidity so you can relax, stay cool and breathe cool air.

With Blast Auxiliary Portable AC, your summer just got better. The AC unit comes with a USB cable that you can use to charge it. With this cable, you can literally charge the device wherever you are. All you need is a power source with the USB cable adapter or charger and you’re good to go.

It also comes with a filter which means that you’ll only be breathing clean air that’s coming out of the unit. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC costs just $90.


image 6

Do you want to experience arctic-like temperatures wherever you are during the summer? Then, you should check out CoolX. It works everywhere –in the home, at the office, at parties, and even in your car. Car ACs tend to get overworked in the summer, and can even quit. Repairing or replacing these car air conditioning units can cost a small fortune.

But with CoolX in your car, you can still get through the summer without having to shell out the big bucks necessary for broken down homes or car ACs. CoolX has seven led colors as an added feature. These lights can double as night lights that help you sleep better.

Imagine that –soothing night lights plus cool air solely directed at you. We guarantee you’ll sleep better and get more rest during the hot humid summer nights without racking up a huge energy bill.

The portable AC unit has a 3-speed setting that allows you to regulate the speed and determine how high or low you want the AC blowing you. CoolX also comes with a super-effective humidifier and air purifier that will help minimize the amount of allergens or pollen in the air. Thus, you’ll probably enjoy fewer allergy attacks during the summer with CoolX in your room.

Each unit of CoolX is priced at $90.

Arctic Air Pure Chill

image 10

Do you want to enjoy cool air during the summer without breaking the bank or paying huge utility bills? Arctic Air Pure Chill is the portable AC unit to use. This is a special portable AC in the sense that it is a “nano air conditioner”.

Nano doesn’t mean that it’s very small – although it’s portable and weighs just 1.5lbs. The term “nano” here refers to its air-purifying qualities –gets rid of microorganisms in the air and other pollutants, and lightweight qualities. Arctic Air Pure Chill is designed to do just one thing: provide you with an instant cool blast of air when you turn it on. That, plus its very quiet sound means you can enjoy a sound sleep at night.

Arctic Air Pure Chill specifically claims to filter or remove viruses and bacteria from the air thanks to its advanced air purifying technology. This is vastly different from other portable ACs that can only eliminate pollutants and allergens.

Overall, if you want to enjoy cool and clean air without breaking the bank, Arctic Air Pure Chill is an excellent portable AC to get for your room.

Priced at $90

IceBox Air Cooler

image 4

This portable AC literally pulls in air from the back of the device, cools and purifies the air, and sends it straight to you. This is why it’s called the “IceBox”. If you want an affordable and convenient way to stay cool all summer, this portable AC device can help you do that. It’s effective at cooling rooms, spaces, and offices.

Unlike other air conditioners that don’t have a temperature gauge, this one has an LCD screen with a 5-level temperature adjuster –yes, you can control how cold you want the air flowing out of its vents.

Even better is its “sleep mode” which is great for night use. This ensures that the device runs very quietly whilst still cooling you and making you very comfortable during those humid warm summer nights.

Speaking of night, this comes with seven nightlights to help relax you even more. IceBox is more dynamic, easy to use, and has more features than the regular portable air conditioning device.

IceBox Air Cooler costs $100.

Glacier Air Cooler

image 5

Unlike the other portable air conditioning systems listed here, this retro-styled portable AC device can be taken outside to the mall, beach, or any outside location. This is possible thanks to its rechargeable battery. Glacier Air Cooler helps you feel cool wherever you go in the summer.

It also comes with a built-in torch that helps you see at night. So not only can you chill till later in the evening, but you can also see in the dark. This makes it great for those outdoor activities like camping out during the summer.

This is a very portable unit –actually smaller than many other units– but that doesn’t affect its efficiency. Glacier Air Cooler is popular for its ability to produce arctic-like air wherever you want to enjoy lower temperatures in the summer or at any time.

Glacier Air Cooler costs $94.

Cool Mist Humidifier

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Designed and manufactured by Sleep Connection, this is a gorgeous-looking portable air conditioner that doubles as a humidifier. This is for the stylish individual who wants to enjoy cool air during the summer and anytime throughout the year. It offers the most stylish designed portable AC in this article.

Cool Mist Humidifier ensures that you’ll sleep better, breathe cleaner air and improve your health through its usage. Unlike other portable AC units listed in this article, this one requires the use of water. Once the water is added to the device, you can simply turn it on with the power button and use it for as long as you need to.

Cool Mist Humidifier offers great mood lighting at night too, thus providing you with a soothing feeling while trying to sleep. As great-looking as it is, the best part of this portable air conditioner isn’t the design, it’s the price.

Cool Mist Humidifier costs just $15. This price makes it the cheapest portable AC on this list.

UV Cooler

image 1

A cool home, space, or room, plus purified air with little or no pollen or pollutants is a priority during the summer. And that’s what UV Cooler provides. It works using both water and ice to cool you and your immediate environment. This requires the use of a USB charging cable to power it and provide the coolness that you need.

The UV Cooler’s unique property is that it uses ultraviolet light to clean the water in the cooling device. This means that all forms of microorganisms that may be in your water are eliminated before you breathe them in.

This is great for people who value breathing cool clean air that’s devoid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Since it’s portable, you can carry it along with you to ensure that you get cool, clean air anywhere you go.

UV Cooler costs $100

T10 Cooler

image 3

Another remarkable portable AC device, the T10 Cooler is a great cooling device that you can take with you anywhere. It works great for cooling rooms, vehicles, offices, and spaces that you occupy.

The T10 Cooler works by sucking in hot air from the room, cooling and purifying the air, and sending it back to you as cool air. This is possible through its “hydro chill” tech, which uses water.

This portable air conditioner is very quiet –which is why it’s great for use in the office and at home when you want to sleep. Light sleepers who find it hard to sleep with the loud sound of fans or noisy ACs will find this incredibly soothing and quiet.

Once the water compartment is filled, the AC can run for 6-8 hours before it needs to be refilled again. The T10 Cooler Starts at $88.

CoolFeel Max

image 7

Unlike other portable air conditioning devices on this list, the CoolFeel Max has a slightly different design. Designed like a headset, this is meant to be placed around the neck to keep you cool while you’re going about your business.

This portable cooling device provides unidirectional airflow targeted at your neck and face regions, thus keeping you cool all day. Some users prefer working out with the CoolFeel Max around their necks as it keeps them from sweating too much or being excessively hot.

So if you’ve been scared to do your exercises because of the summer heat, don’t be. This cooling device effectively takes care of that problem. If you need a neck or shoulder cooling device, you should check out the CoolFeel Max.

CoolFeel Max costs $60

Tundra Breeze AC

image 2

This Tundra Breeze AC portable AC is super-effective at keeping you cool whenever you need it. Like a few other devices on this list, it uses water-based technology to make you comfortable and cool.

For the best effects, you can add both water and ice to enjoy arctic-like temperatures in your room or your immediate space. It works by pulling in hot air from the back of the device, cools and purifies that air, and sends the cold air back out to you.

This is particularly great for individuals who want a humidified environment instead of dry hot air that can be quite uncomfortable to breathe. Tundra Breeze AC costs $90 per unit.

Best Portable ACs for 2021 – Our Ranking Parameters

Here’s the thing with most portable ACs: the makers claim that they work, but not all of them perform as expected. When people buy portable ACs, they do so with the hopes that the portable air conditioner will work. If it doesn’t, then it’s a problem.

In our assessment of many portable ACs, we looked at a number of these devices to determine the best performing portable air conditioners. Those listed here were the ones that made the cut.

To decide on the best portable ACs, we considered the following parameters:

Effective cooling properties – Portable ACs vary in their cooling effectiveness. Some are great at cooling effectively for a long time, others aren’t. Understanding that when people buy portable AC devices, they do so in the hopes that they work effectively for as long as is necessary, this was our primary selection criteria.

All portable air conditioning units in this article work effectively and for as long as the batteries are charged or the USB cable is connected to a power source. They provide you with superior cooling results.

Effective humidifiers – Most portable air conditioners also double as humidifiers. If that’s what you’re looking for –portable AC and humidifier combined in one device– then the devices on this list are what you need. They are great for keeping your room cool and provide decent humidity.

Aesthetics or design – While aesthetics aren’t as important as effectiveness, you still want a portable AC that looks great. Most of the devices in this article have good designs that can complement your interior décor.

User-friendliness –Another factor that we considered was ease of use. When you’re hot, you need an air conditioner that’s easy to use and requires little or no effort. All of the portable AC systems listed here are very user-friendly, most requiring just the push of a button to get them working. We also considered the ease of customization so you can easily adjust your settings to suit your needs whenever you want.

Extra features –Enjoying and breathing cool air is good. But you know what‘s even better? Knowing that the air that you’re breathing is free of pollens, pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. All our chosen portable air conditioners are great at providing clean, breathable air, thanks to their ultraviolet features. This is highly important given the fact that there’s a global airborne pandemic.

Pricing – We considered various price points while reviewing these products. So whatever your budget is, there’s a cooling device that could work for you. However, please note that the most effective devices tend to be a bit pricier than the others. Every portable AC device here offers great value for its price. We made sure of that.

What other people think – Even though we tested these AC units, we also considered customer reviews in our choice. Highly rated portable conditioner systems were included in this list, independent of our findings –although our experiences were similar to that of hundreds of other customers who already reviewed the portable air conditioning systems in this article.

Crucial information – We value our health and safety, which is why we made sure that every portable AC listed here is owned by a transparent organization. These manufacturers provided all the information you need to make an informed decision about the AC. Some of the details provided include water tank size, battery capacity, presence of UV light/panels, and much more.

Where Can You Use Portable ACs?

The great thing about portable air cooling units is that they do not require a direct power source to work. This makes it easy to carry them around. However, if you want to know the most effective places to use the devices, the following should help:

  • At home
  • The office
  • Open spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Patios
  • Backyard
  • In the car

Your portable air cooler will work in all of these environments, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout.

Pros of Portable AC Systems

There are numerous perks to using portable cooling air devices. These include:

Considerable savings – The average HVAC system in the home not only requires a hefty upfront cost if you’re installing it by yourself, but it also leaves you with an expensive monthly utility bill. And even when you don’t install it yourself, the monthly energy usage can cost hundreds of dollars.

However, with a portable AC system, you can completely boycott the huge upfront HVAC costs, as well as the pretty sizable monthly payments. This happens because the portable systems are only used in the rooms where they are required and only consume as much power as your regular cell phone or laptop. Therefore, there’s no energy wastage or loss.

Adjustable Temperature Controls – Thanks to the availability of thermostats, you can regulate the temperature of the portable AC device. Most of these cooling units often have different temperatures that you can choose to either keep your room cool or warm. You can also choose the amount of humidity you want. This is great for people with dry skin, those prone to skin issues resulting from dry air, and dried nostrils. This way, you can enjoy the added benefit of breathing cool, misty air.

Air Purification – Now more than ever, high indoor air quality is a huge priority. It’s even more important during the summer because of an abundance of pollutants, and airborne fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can cause serious infections. These portable air conditioning units can help purify the air in your room and immediate vicinity, thanks to the UV technology they carry.

Requires No Installation – Unlike regular or conventional HVAC units, portable air cooling systems do not need installation. Just power them and choose your preferred fan speed, and you’ll start enjoying arctic temperatures in no time.

Affordable and Quiet

Compared to regular air conditioners, these highly effective portable air conditioners are very affordable –usually goes for a fraction of the cost of the conventional ACs. Their portable sizes also mean they run very quietly –great for light sleepers- are easy to carry around.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technology, portable air conditioners are abundantly available now. But you need to buy the right ones. The best portable ACs are highly effective, last long, can work for 6-8 hours –maybe more depending on the fan speed and battery capacity and will do a great job of cooling you.

Most importantly, these portable ACs are priced under $100 which makes them relatively affordable. They are a practical alternative to the high purchase, installation, and maintenance costs of regular HVAC systems in the home.

Admittedly, they may not perform like these equipments because after all, conventional HVAC systems are meant to keep everywhere cool in the summer. But if you’re on a budget and need a means to stay cool during summer, portable air conditioners are a better alternative to fans and leaving the windows open.

One portable air conditioner per room, placed in strategic locations will do an awesome cooling job at a price-friendly budget. If you’re still unsure about buying a portable AC system, don’t be. They’re a bargain and worth every dollar spent on them.

If you’re not sure of the best portable AC to buy in 2021, just take a look at the list of those portable cooling systems we’ve listed above, and pick one. They all work great and will keep you feeling cool throughout the summer.

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