Silver City brews for Seattle Beer Week | Kitsap Week

Silver City Brewery produces Sieben Brau, the official beer of the Seattle Beer Week.

The Seattle Beer Week is scheduled for May 7-17, boasting a slew of events throughout the Emerald City.

But one of the most prominent features of the 10-day beer fest comes from straight from the heart of Kitsap.

Silver City Brewery was given the honor to brew the official beer week brew.

The beer is a limited release called Sieben Brau.

“It’s a traditional lager,” said Kurt Larson of Silver City Brewery. “It’s clean, delicious and easy to drink.”

“It’s got a touch of sweetness up front with some nice lingering bitterness,” Larson said. “Because it’s a lager, it’s refined.”

The lager genre isn’t as easy to pull off as other beers, Larson said.

“The beer takes way longer to make,” he said. “It has to refine six to 10 weeks.”

“It’s flavorful, but also non-intrusive. It’s not done very easily,” Larson said. “If you don’t do it well, you can’t hide mistakes. You can hide a lot of mistakes with an IPA, but with a lager, not so much.”

The end product of Sieben Brau is a beer, Larson said, that should please the wide array of enthusiasts’ tastes, which is what Silver City strives to do.

“It’s important to have something for everybody,” Larson said. “We brew a beer to be all inclusive. We take pride in that. We want somebody to come into the brewery and find something they like.”

Starting in April, Silver City’s Sieben Brau will debut in 12 oz cans wherever its beers are sold.

“Draft will be tapped on May 7 at 5 p.m. wherever in Western Washington folks want to pour it,” Larson said.

Sieben Brau was brewed partially at the request of beer week organizers who sought a particular taste, Larson said.

But Silver City was chosen to brew it because of its Northwest brewing legacy.

“They wanted the style,” Larson said. “And the lineage of Silver City is very intertwined in the Northwest.

“This is the first time they selected a brewery outside of Seattle,” he noted.

Silver City is the oldest brewery west of Seattle, founded in 1996 by brothers Scott and Steve Houmes who brought their Oregon brewing experience to Kitsap. It has since grown to a Silverdale brewery and a Bremerton taproom.

With its history in the Puget Sound brewing scene, Silver City was apt to brew this year’s beer week brew.

“It’s a celebration of all things beer,” Larson said of the beer week. “It’s not just about Seattle. It is focused on local breweries, but breweries from all over the world come in.”

The Seattle Beer Week will host a variety of events featuring everything from barrel-aged brews to stouts, music to go along with it, and even a pine box beer can derby. And for those facing the difficult decision to attend or honor their mother, there’s even a Mother’s Day brunch to make everybody happy.

“It’s like 350 events in the span of seven days,” Larson said.

View a full list of events, and find more details on Sieben Brau online, at