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Eclipses are super-duper new or full moons that occur four to five times a year. This new moon’s total eclipse of the sun (Monday, August 21 at 11:30 am. PDT) pours on the energy with the eclipsed sun in the unusual position of being the second new moon in the sign of Leo. This majestic sun, the very ruler of Leo, should completely command the moment. But, no! It is plays second fiddle to the moon.

Representing our will and action, the sun bows to the moon who completely covers it and provides a quiet break in overheated actions. The moon, representing our inner world, steps forward with soul yearnings, giving us a reality check on how we use our light. Are we shining our heart-light in our worldly actions or scorching the earth with overblown egos?

Stories and dramas spring from the misguided ego which is Leo’s shadow. As frightening as it is to see the noon day sun disappear, it’s equally as frightening to see the unconscious antics of our egos, who mistakenly think they are keeping us safe. But, the Leo Sun encourages taking risks and being visible, not as actors wearing masks, but as our true selves – golden hearts.

In the Pacific Northwest, the eclipse lasts two minutes and nineteen seconds. The Leo Moon in her moment says, “Quiet. Feel the longing of your heart. Reclaim your innocence and let love’s radiance shine through you.”

Can we take this time, wherever we are, to contemplate the great mystery of our existence on this tiny planet? Can we consider what our one precious life can do when we come from love?

When the sun reappears, we can choose to return to ‘normal’ life. Or we could remember who we are and make life-affirming choices. We could trust that our simplest actions make all the difference in the world – when our heart-lights shine like the sun.

Horoscopes – Aug. 21 – Sept. 6

Leo, this month has brought you powerful energies that spiral out over the next two years. Use it to well. Find your courage to live the truth and integrity of your heart with your natural grace and dignity. When you do, you won’t have time to waste because your presence inspires others.

Virgo, your mission to serve the collective isn’t about out there. It is about serving from your inner love and knowing what to do naturally. With Mercury retrograde, review this viewpoint. What would the Goddess do? She’s speaking to you, and, frankly, it’s less than you think. Shh, listen.

Libra, consider how you bring beauty and harmony to your broader community. Art and humanities nurture people and understanding those principles empower people whether they are choosing public art or new nail polish. Spread the grace of a beautiful life even at work.

Scorpio, your mission is leading at work from a courageous heart whether you are the boss or not. Show us the transparent, powerful strategies of bringing everyone on stage. Take on big problems and use your piercing skills to empower others to follow your example, maybe even the boss.

Sagittarius, your mission is to broadcast the bright, light-bearing ideas, to expand horizons so your natural partners can collaborate in a future where no child or any other person is left out. Maybe, you can reclaim the earth and her animals in the process. Big mission, but you love it!

Capricorn, behind the scenes, use whatever power and authority you have to empower others. Be transparent and doing the right thing for employees, employer, clients, colleagues and friends and family. Top of the mountain is lonely without a productive party! Besides, you’ll go further.

Aquarius, ah, you stand for the masses, but not at the expense of the heart day your dearest mates and honey. Let them inspire light-hearted leadership. Find the biggest, roundest table you can and fill it with open-hearted people solving society’s problems, large and small. Then, do it again.

Pisces, work must feed your soul. If it doesn’t, your mission plummets from compassion to self-pity. Sacrifice is old hat and hardens your heart. Take up the inner fight for the right to shine. Psst, you have powerful friends with their eyes on you. Shine on!

Aries, you need no urging to be yourself! Play full out, lean into it and make it fun and show us how we can, too. Playing for yourself alone empties the playing field and grandstands. Poof, no playmates! So bring us along on your adventure in a way that makes us think it’s ours!

Taurus, eclipses over the next few years mean change, change, change at home and in your career. Pretend it’s your idea and lead the parade, you’ll need the practice come next spring! Even pragmatics need to show their tender hearts. Work colleagues and family respond with dividends.

Gemini, shine on in your neighborhood and daily circuit. Talk it up, chat with everyone, introduce neighbors to neighbors. This frivolous appearing activity builds society from the ground up and binds us together. See, we need you. Reflect on the realities of your house – remodel or repair?

Cancer, you know the value of your empathetic heart. Feel the love return and know you’re worthy of it. Your mission of weaving us into a one-world family nurtures your heart and soul, even as you nurture ours. That’s what care-taking is about, hearts and souls, not ‘just’ cooking!

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