Physical fitness continues to reward twins Jake and Bill Monlux

KINGSTON — World War II was underway and adult physical education directors were not available at the Everett YMCA.

Twin brothers Jake and Bill Monlux, high school juniors at the time, took on the task.

The twins — from a family of nine children — became members of the YMCA in the second grade after a year of recovery from polio. They both started as basket boys for classes. By the time they were in the 11th grade, they were in charge of handling all YMCA exercise classes for men, women and children.

The Everett YMCA helped secure scholarships for the twins to attend George Williams College. They worked during summer time at the local pulp and paper mills for extra money. Both twins later graduated from Stanford University School of Physical Therapy after being accepted under the GI Bill and polio grants.

Bill served in the U.S. Army as a combat aid man in the Korean War. Jake served two years later in the 8th Armored Calvary stationed in Straubling, Germany.

Bill married Nancy Wightman and has four children. He opened a physical therapy clinic in Everett that included bio feedback and pain management. Bill served as an ad hoc member of the first Everett Arts Commission. He retired to Taos, New Mexico.

Jake married Marie Oliver and has six children. He graduated from Stanford University Physical Therapy School after Bill. He first taught junior high school physical education for two years. His physical therapy clinic in the Lynnwood area was a pioneer in sports medicine/human performance. He continues to coach and promote children’s physical fitness from his retirement home in Hansville.