Comic connects with audiences using absurdities

Orny Adams will be making his Admiral Theatre debut when he brings his stand-up comedy to Bremerton Feb. 4.

The veteran comedian considers the show a homecoming of sorts, he said by phone from Los Angeles. “A theater, for me, feels like home,” Adams said. “The stage is pristine, the sound is pristine, the sightlines are pristine. Every theater show is like a homecoming for me.”

Comedy clubs? Maybe not so much. “To get more people in, they’ll put tables with people with their back to the stage, and people don’t even turn their chairs around. It drives me crazy,” he said.

Adams, a national headliner for decades, has important and absurd stuff to talk about. In his third Showtime special, “More Than Loud,” he challenges millennials over their obsession with germs: “I was raised on germs. Germs are good for you,” he yells, his face a dictionary-worthy representation of incredulity. Having seemingly forgotten the microphone he holds in one hand, he continues, “I didn’t wash my hands until I was 22. In my family, there were five people, one sink and one hand towel. Five people shared one hand towel … that never dried. It’s still wet. When I go home, it’s still wet from 1989.”

Adams’ message? He turned out fine, germs and all. Much of Adams’ comedy is observational, lampooning ridiculous things around him. But much of it, by necessity, harks back to his Massachusetts upbringing. “It has to,” he said. “Because my family’s such a big part of my life, the interactions we had. My comedy is 100 percent truthful.”

Adams’ goal for his live shows is to find common ground with his audience. “I want to talk about something and have people think to themselves, ‘Oh, I’ve had that same thought,’” he said. In addition to touring, Adams had a gig playing coach Bobby Finstock in the MTV series “Teen Wolf” (2011-2017). He’s back in a new Paramount Plus movie that began streaming Jan. 26. Adams also hosts the podcast, “What’s Wrong With Orny Adams.” The latest edition, which popped Jan. 25, features guest comedienne-actress Tiffany Haddish.

But stand-up is his top priority. He said the legendary Jerry Seinfeld once told him that stand-up is “the trunk of the comedy tree.”

Tickets for the 7:30 show are $22-$44; 360-373-6743,

Michael C. Moore is the Arts and Entertainment reporter for The Admiral Theatre Foundation.