What’s wrong with Poulsbo?

My wife reads your paper; I almost never do — but the Smaaladen headline caught my eye and I reached for an extra blood pressure pill.

Where to begin? How about getting caught red-handed via videotape and then backpack search and getting 8 months free paid vacation via the taxpayer? Why not unpaid leave? Why not firing on the spot.

In my past business career with the region’s largest employer, I had to unfortunately terminate a number of employees for dishonesty. Some were overseas. Fired on the spot and their only compensation was a coach plane ticket back to Seattle. Those fired here were walked out to the parking lot by security with their personal belongings mailed to them. A few had 30-45 years company service. They lost their retirement (company policy for termination for cause). Believe me, that hurt me as much as it hurt them. But, dishonesty was not tolerated.

How about if you’re a police officer? A “counselor?” Seems Poulsbo (and B.I.) have a history of these shenanigans, and barely a hand-slap. Sounds like the chief wanted her to stay on the force, and even encourages her to reconsider going forward. Something to think about the next time you’re stopped by one of the finest for driving in the carpool lane — or worse.

Meanwhile, folks who really need pain killers, are being legislated out of any relief, with absurd requirements severely restricting their access to needed meds, requiring trips to “pain doctors,’ “pain clinics,” “pain counseling.” Basically told to ‘buck it up’, while the AG’s sue the drug companies for even making the stuff. I wonder what happens to those folks if they help themselves to the drug dropbox?

The Editor made a mistake with the headline. It should have read “What’s Wrong with America?” Or, at least, what’s wrong with Poulsbo?

Bob Bogash