We’re grateful for kindness in the face of tragedy

My husband and I have lived in Kitsap County for a dozen years now. We’ve had a great life here and have never regretted the move.

Sooner or later though, bad things happen to most families, and ours has been no exception.

Last week we lost my husband’s sister Anne and her husband Gary to a house fire.

Gene and I want to express how much we appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and messages over the past week.

Please know that it is truly helpful and very meaningful to us.

Treasure your loved ones and tell them you love them often.

If you don’t have an emergency escape plan, make one and practice it. Check your smoke detectors at least monthly.

And, when someone you care about has tragedy enter their lives, take a minute to say “I’m sorry,” and know it really does make a difference.



Port Orchard