To the editor

About two weeks ago someone spray-painted certain words on the concrete at Kingston Skate Park. Unmentionable words. They are where any passing person or vehicle can see them clearly. I have re-routed a NKSD elementary bus because young students kept asking me what the words meant. I kept thinking that the county was going to deal with it but, two weeks later, they are still there.

I called Kitsap County Parks and Recreation and the receptionist assured me that the skate park was their responsibility. I left two messages for the supervisor but I’ve yet to get a return call.

This Easter weekend I finally went to Henery’s Hardware for black spray paint (happily donated by them for the cause, by the way) and spray painted all the words I could. Once I actually walked into the skate park what I read there that wasn’t visible from the street made me ill. Usually the art work there is colorful, interesting and harmless. However, these words should have been taken care of day one. It made the town of Kingston seem irresponsible, apathetic and it made me ashamed to see them there. And not much shakes me … I’m a pretty hard case.

So, a note to parents of the young people who frequent this skate park — if you knew what they were reading on the cement there, you would be astonished and sickened. If you did know, I hope that you at least called the county. And to all the young skaters/bikers: please don’t accept the condition of your park being less than a cool/clean/fun place for you to hang out. It makes you all look bad even if you didn’t write those things. It’s demeaning to all of you. And, if you know who did it, do the right thing and drop a quarter to the Sheriff’s Department. Be a standup person.

Kathy Davis

NKSD bus driver

Kingston, Washington