Schroeder is the best and only choice

I write today to encourage support for a candidate running for an elected position in our county.

It is beneficial for our citizens to elect the best person possible to act as our representative. The position discussed here is South Kitsap School District 3 school board seat. I am asking all of the SK voters who supported the other five outstanding candidates in the past primary election to once again use your vote in the November election.

If we put all of our votes to the best candidate, they will have a minimum of 55.74% of the vote and secure a win. Please vote for the best for District 3 board seat because we don’t want more of the same that we have now.

Vote for the best candidate by giving that candidate the highest ‘yes’ vote count and that person is Anna Schroeder. Anna is the only and best choice for the SKSD District 3 seat.

Larry Mann

Port Orchard