School pool costs are rising

A second “appeal” of a South Kitsap School Board decision was filed in Superior Court on February 14. Find it here:

The appeal asks for district and community meetings to discuss the pool project. The appeal challenges the board’s approval of an additional $5.1 million which is in addition to the $5.4 million we approved. If $5.4 million seemed like a good deal, what kind of a deal is it now at $10.5 million?

The pool is expected to cost much more, meanwhile other projects have cost overruns, thus stripping away promised funding for other student educational needs. Superintendent Winter confirmed swimming is no longer a graduation requirement, yet now the district calls the pool a ‘classroom’ in order to divert COVID and ESSER funds for this over-budget pool project.

That’s not right!

We approved the 2018 capital levy with expectations. The district promised us specific projects would be completed. They are breaking their promises. They have dropped specific projects. This has the smell of baiting and switching by the district.

The appeal asks the district to stop and hold community meetings so we can be included in this project. Remember how the board held a special meeting approving the pool yet disallowing all public comments? The contract was awarded to the same contractor who went $500,000 over budget on another project.

We need open meetings now so we all have a voice in this project. The district must stop scrapping other levy projects we were promised when we passed the levy.

Dave Kimble

South Kitsap