Poulsbo Marina brings significant economic value to area

Poulsbo Marina brings significant economic value to area

At 5 p.m. on April 13, the Port of Poulsbo will present a budget workshop on how to fund the replacement of the failing breakwater and D dock expansion. These projects are long overdue and need to be accomplished.

At the moment there are not many options on the table, other than raising property taxes and raising marina tenant rental fees. The port is a break-even business that has no extra money to fund these projects. Public port funds have already been unwisely spent on consulting fees that could have been used toward routine maintenance. The port’s main income comes from property taxes and marina tenant fees.

These projects are possibly the largest funding amounts the port has ever undertaken. Tax payers need to be aware, be involved and offer alternative options to fund the much-needed overdue projects to preserve this great marina.

Our beautiful marina brings significant economic value to the entire zip code. With the upcoming workshop, it would be vital for you to participate so we, the taxpayers, can come to a collective decision to fund these projects.

Jonothan Saunders