Only SKSD stakeholders allowed

Port Orchard:

There are 294 school districts in Washington state. I have so far reviewed the public participation policies of 157 school districts. South Kitsap School District continues to adopt exclusionary practices and policies in public school board meeting participation.

Here are the numbers so far:

— One school district only allows stakeholders to speak — South Kitsap School District. This is the public participation policy just adopted by SKSD.

— Fifteen school districts only allow district residents or patrons to speak.

— Twenty-five school districts specifically encourage and allow even those living outside the district or not part of the school district to speak during school board meetings.

— 102 school districts allow all citizens and individuals (no distinctions made) to speak during school board meetings.

— Fourteen school districts have no public participation policies on their websites.

So why is South Kitsap School adopting public participation policies that only allow stakeholders to speak at school board public meetings? And why is SKSD the only school district out of 157 that has adopted this policy?

This new policy suggests our district is more comfortable using exclusionary policies rather than inclusionary practices and policies in public meeting participation. Their policies do not promote trust or confidence in the South Kitsap School District within our community.

Dave Kimble

Citizens Supporting South Kitsap Schools

Port Orchard