Letters Wednesday, May 28

Presidential election

Obama’s right: It’s time for change

Reflecting on the news of Senator Barack Obama’s visit to the House of Representatives (recently), and other political news of the day, one can only rejoice in the coming of a new day in America. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, promises a rebirth of our grand experiment in a government of, by and for the people. Obama is the embodiment of a 21st Century American and a man with the vision, desire, and ability to restore America’s promise. Come November, Americans will not opt for a man who is wedded to a bygone era of failed and divisive policies of right wing ideology. We are a better people than that. We believe that government has a role in providing equal opportunity for all and a helping hand for the less fortunate. We believe that no one should be left behind.

Charles Bickel



Patience is a virtue

I am writing in response to Dave Foraker’s letter of April 16. Mr. Foraker is upset that the mayor of Poulsbo and Poulsbo City Council don’t want to rush into annexation. Mr. Foraker states that “I can tell you that there will always be people opposed to growth. In most cases, these people steal the rights of others to enhance their own selfish interests.”

I think Mr. Foraker is flat-out wrong with an outlandish statement like that. When annexation proceeds, all of the taxpayers’ dollars must then be subjected to providing infrastructure, water, wastewater treatment, stormwater runoff, streets that are safe and up to code, and access for electrical or natural gas energy supplies for the property to be annexed. It is a very complex process. Apparently, Dave thinks he can just go down to city hall and snap his fingers and the world according to Dave will materialize. When a real estate developer strips every living thing off the land, that depletes the oxygen in the surrounding area, giving people less oxygen in every breath they breathe, denying a person a breath of fresh air.

What about citizen rights? When the additional runoff from the stormwater carries petro chemical residue into the bay, what about the rights of the citizen who want to go to a park or fish the bay but can’t because the water quality has been damaged by polluted storm water runoff?

Property ownership comes with responsibilities to ensure that it is utilized in a way that respects the rights of all citizens. If a developer would work with the city of Poulsbo on annexation, I’m sure a positive approach would be productive. But to sit back and spew negative rancor against your fellow citizens at city hall and demand that taxpayer monies be used to subsidize developer’s infrastructure needs seems like a very non-productive approach. It’s not about me, my, mine, Dave. It’s about we, us, ours. We are the people. Welcome to the real world, Dave. Welcome to the community of Poulsbo, 100 years strong.

John Eastman


NK Community Pool

Troubled waters lie ahead for pool

The North Kitsap Pool is on the chopping block again as the school board determines how to balance the budget shortfall. The fundamental issue is that the North Kitsap School District is subsidizing a facility that serves both community and school district needs.

Should the school district carry the load for the entire pool subsidy or should the community that uses the pool assist in the support of the pool? That is the million dollar problem that will require the resources of our entire community to solve.

How do we, as a community, confront this issue? I believe there is an appropriate solution, but finding this solution will take time and community involvement. I encourage everyone that sees the pool as a valuable resource for our community to step up and get involved. Without the devotion and the resources of our community we will loose the use of this facility. The community voted and passed a school levy that provided more than $4 million dollars of improvements and renovations for the pool. Are we willing to stand by while the school district considers the possibility of taking away a facility that our tax dollars paid for and that was promoted as a community asset when the levy was marketed?

We cannot allow the pool to be closed. The community needs to stand up now and be heard. I challenge the community to protect the interest of our kids so they can be continued to be taught to swim, an activity that may someday save their life. I challenge the community to protect the use of a facility they voted for. I challenge all coaches, athletes and parents to fight for the sport of swimming as your sport may be next. What prevents the school district from closing other facilities that are used by the community such as the district owned and operated athletic fields?

The challenge is upon us and if we do not confront it head on we will lose an important community resource.

Randy Borek


Grateful gardeners

Poulsbo Garden Club sale successful

On behalf of the Poulsbo Garden Club, I want to thank Constance Swanlund and Bonnie Bryant-Headman for their contribution to a successful plant sale on May 10. As she has in the past, Constance provided the incredible venue of the Northwest Design Center in which to display our plants. And Bonnie was most generous with the space outside her flower shop, Bonnie’s Flower Market, at the Design Center. Also, thanks to the entire community for visiting our sale and buying plants. We raised nearly $2,800!

Mary Carter, Secretary

Poulsbo Garden Club