Letters to the Editor

City Hall

It’s getting more curious all the time

The ongoing saga of Poulsbo’s new city hall is becoming curiouser and curiouser. Re: The city council meeting of Feb. 20: It is interesting to note that before a single spadeful of dirt has been turned for the building, discussion has already begun on plans for expansion that will entail moving north, to the ultimate displacement of homeowners. Having, thus far, paid almost $2 million for less than one acre of land, future acquisitions will not come cheap.

Why the city, at the whim of an ill-informed group of voters, cavalierly threw away the common sense choice of six acres of paid-for land for the new city hall (land already vetted) begs credulity.

Muriel Williams,


Kingston girls

They deserve better

If the Herald wishes to do a story on a local team such as the Kingston Girls basketball team, they should put as much effort as these girls did over their remarkable season to make sure to get the names correct before they print it (ie: Kelle TAPLIN, not TABLIN). These girls have been playing since November, shouldn’t we know by the end of the playoffs how to spell their names by now? While the community appreciates the effort to recognize this great achievement of the team making it to state this year, if the names are incorrect it shows a lack of respect and effort. How hard is it to do a little research? It’s elementary reporting. Ask the coach for a roster and get it right. I also noticed that the captions next to the pictures of the girls were all Xxxxxxxxxx’s. Seems like an easy fix: better editing and research. I’m sure they all thank you for the recognition though. Great job girls!

Kris Parks,


Downtown intersection

Pedestrians walk

at their own risk

I wish I’d responded to this sooner; I’m not sure it’s useful now. But I must say something to rebut the statement to the effect that “Poulsbo is a walking town.” Four blocks of Front Street are walking blocks; anywhere else in Poulsbo one walks at one’s peril. Consider the crosswalk at Eighth and Lincoln – it’s about a football field wide, or seems that way when you’re about to scurry across it. Consider trying to walk to the library from the north. Consider trying to walk to Central Market from any direction. Consider the bravery needed to walk to the Post Office during business hours. There are not enough stop signs. There are not enough marked crosswalks. Speeds are not slow enough. And most important, there are never police cars around to stop drivers who don’t signal turns at four-way stops, don’t stop at four-way stops, don’t stop for pedestrians anywhere.

The idea that “Poulsbo is a walking town” reflects the stunning myopia of the city parents, who, when they think about Poulsbo, think only of that four-block stretch which comprises Fake Norway.

Ellen Peterson,


Nguyen family

Thank you, North Kitsap community

It was a very exciting time in our family when my parents moved to Washington State several years ago. My sister and I were happy to hear of their new home, new friends, and the success of the family business, Kingston Nails. When we visited this winter, they beamed as they proudly introduced us to the beautiful Peninsula, their clients and ferry friends.

Last month our father passed away. The next few days were a whirlwind, but one thing our family will never forget is the immediate and immense outpouring of support we received from our North Kitsap neighbors.

With our whole hearts, we would like to thank all of our friends in the North Kitsap community, whom we consider family. Your prayers, thoughtfulness, and heart-warming friendship have provided comfort and strength during a most difficult time. We are fortunate and so grateful to be part of this caring community.

The Nguyen Family

Landsdale, Pa.

Presidential Campaign

Here’s some

hard truths

It is interesting to see that the Clinton’s are finally acknowledging that Hillary cannot win the general election this fall without Barack Obama on the ticket — as the VP of course; top billing goes to Hillary. It is not going to happen that way because Obama has nothing to gain politically from accepting the No. 2 spot and with the acrimony between the two would never assent to being No. 2 to Hillary.

The Clintons are right: Hillary cannot win against McCain this fall. She is too divisive, too hated by a large number of Americans, and too haughty and dismissive of those who do not acknowledge her “rightful” place on top of the ticket. She cannot bring out the large number of youth, independents, blacks and disenchanted Republicans that Obama can to ensure a win against McCain.

Obama can win with or without Hillary on the ticket. Hillary needs Obama on the ticket to win. It is time that the National Democratic Party hierarchy recognizes these facts and declares Obama their nominee in order to stop the internecine bickering and sniping and begin unifying the Party behind their candidate and against McCain.

Charles Bickel,


Texas stumping is getting dirty

I was in Texas recently when Obama and Clinton were stumping before the Texas primary. All day long one of the TV channels ran a running banner stating that Barak Obama is Muslim. What a low, low way to play dirty politics. Trying to make people believe he is not Christian,

knowing how Texans would react. Shame on the Clintons, so known for dirty politics, and will do anything to win.

Cherie Fahlsing,


911 briefs

Situation is a bit confusing

How does a 34 year old man from Belfair get arrested for violation of a Protection order of his ex-girlfriend when the ex-girlfriend is attempting to hide him from police? It would appear that she would had to have filed the Protection order or have been talked into filing it by someone. Anyway, she did not seem to have a problem with the ex-boyfriend being there seeing as it was reported that she lied to police and said that he was not there. None the less, it was said that the police took him away in handcuffs and booked him for violation of a protection order and bail was set at $25,000.

I don’t know Deputy Don Moszkowicz but something seems way out of wack when he drags this guy out of the mobile home of his ex-girlfriend against her will. It would seem to me that if she filed for the Protection order and that she didn’t want this guy arrested then, Deputy Moszkowicz was out of line to take this guy away in handcuffs. Perhaps there is more to the story, but the violation of a protection order seems to be all they had on this guy.

This seems like another case where the law is unjust. It would appear that the protection order was given without good cause and that once filed, it is very hard to re-tract. Protection orders are given without any hearing from the accused, and the accused is presumed guilty. So, they may have notified this guy that there was a protection order against him, but if she called him over or something like that, Deputy Moszkowicz may have done our community and this man great injustice.

It appears to me that this man who may have done no wrong was dragged off in handcuffs, tossed in jail, and extorted for $25,000 bail. Indeed, I know very little about this case, but I have seen what passes for justice in this county and I am not impressed.

Dan Goebel,