Letters from March 15, 2008

Pet overpopulation

Spay/neuter today

We want to see a time when cats/kittens, dogs/puppies have good homes because their caretakers are responsible pet owners.

It will soon be cat and kitten month. So please help us end the irresponsibility of pet overpopulation or do nothing about the fact that every 60 seconds, the public is responsible for killing another 350 healthy, innocent pets in America alone! The choice is yours. You can make a difference and save lives, neuter/spay today!


PAWS of Bremerton president

Thank you

Many years of

great service

We are writing this letter on behalf of ourselves, our families and our friends who have been patients of Dr. Brian Miller for several years. We want everyone to know how much we appreciate him and all the staff at the Silverdale Group Health.

Dr. Miller delivered all of our children and then became their primary care physician as well. Our parents have also been patients.

Dr. Miller is always courteous, explains things clearly, listens intently and is never rushed. Every time we’ve been in the treatment room he makes us feel as if we’re his only patient, even if he is extremely busy. We absolutely love Dr. Miller and want to extend our gratification. We are so lucky to have him as our primary care provider for so many years (one of us almost 20).

Thank you Dr. Brian Miller and Group Health Cooperative for your years of excellent service and care.