Letter to the Editor

Sex offender

To the editor:

“AJ” Anthony Jon Fugitt was released from prison Sept.19. His victim was 9- to 10-years old at the time of the four rapes. He was allowed a plea deal that reduced four counts of rape to three counts of molestation and increased the age of the victim.

It is disappointing that anyone who looks him up will not get an accurate representation of what he did. Fugitt will be residing in West Bremerton. He is categorized as a “Level 1” sex offender, thus “the least likely to re-offend.” Once he registers, it will be up to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office to decide if it will notify the neighborhood where he will be residing.

Typically, the public is only notified of Level 3 sex offenders. It is alarming that his photograph has never been released to the public even though before he went to jail he owned a home in Poulsbo in a neighborhood full of families with children and within blocks of three schools and a church.

Also worrisome is that he has no geographical restrictions. Other offenders may not be able to live within 800 feet of a school, but he does not have that restriction.

This case is another heart-breaking example of how Kitsap does not care enough about public safety to prosecute sex offenders for the crimes they have actually committed. Nor do they care to inform us of dangerous pedophiles in our midst who could potentially prey upon our most vulnerable.

Layla Drowns