Letter to the Editor

Beware of school

To the editor:

Parents of South Kitsap, in a few weeks school will start once again, and there are some things that you need to be aware of.

SKSD will be sending home or mailing a form to parents asking that you agree with all of the district’s discipline methods that will be used on your children to be authorized by your signature. Before you sign you need to have the district define its discipline program. The best advice is to not sign the form for very apparent reasons as you will see.

You need to ask which schools in the district have “Rubber Rooms?” How many people at your child’s school are qualified and certified to shoot your child, strike them with a baton, pepper spray them, etc? Sign the form, and you are authorizing this discipline and have no legal recourse because you agreed to it.

You need to opt your child out of any curriculum that deals with FLASH, GLAAD, GSA, GLSEN, LGBTQ indoctrination requiring your child to sign a card of support, and last but not least the district’s secret gender change indoctrination. This district is using “gender-inclusive policy/procedure” (3211/3211P) from Washington State School Directors’ Association to physiologically abuse your children and force them into a condition hidden from parental knowledge.

American education and SKSD are not your friends and deserve not one dollar of your support.

Larry Mann

Port Orchard