Issues over clear-cutting

I recently heard that something like 5,000 acres of timber are to be cut in Kitsap County over the next couple of years.

While this bit of news is difficult to verify, I do know that last year, 330 acres were cut along the Hansville Road. There was another clear-cut at the corner of Gunderson and Port Gamble Road.

Right now, 467 acres surrounding Gratitude Lane, south of Bond Road/Highway 104 — known as Opsada or the Divide Block — is being clear-cut. The price of timber has never been higher, and the “takers” (Pope and DNR) have the right to their harvest. They also have the right to spray Round-Up cocktails over these clear cuts.

Our drinking water in Kitsap County is supplied by groundwater aquifers. It seems counter-intuitive to remove trees and vegetation that aid in aquifer recharge, and downright folly to then spew herbicide over the cleared ground.

Carol Price