Concerned about growth in Poulsbo

Having addressed the issue before, I was glad to see that my husband and I are not the only ones concerned about Poulsbo’s excessive growth and lack of infrastructure — not only affecting our downtown shopping experience, but also unincorporated areas with a Poulsbo address.

Nick Jewett’s concern about a three-story apartment building on property owned by the citizens of Poulsbo was debunked, as the property is being sold to a private developer. But I understand that the city would have to approve permits for such a structure. And in a pro-development city government, nothing stands in the way of such approval. Joe Manzone’s opinion on an expanded level to other counties makes perfect sense as well. Infrastructure rarely seems to commensurate with growth.

As retirees, we have the luxury of choosing the time when we might expect the least amount of traffic, but that no longer seems to matter. Compared to five years ago, traffic is more congested at almost any time of day, only leveling off after 7 p.m.

We love Poulsbo and feel strongly about supporting local businesses rather than heading to Silverdale for everything. But despite the fact that we live just a mile outside city limits, according to our mayor we don’t have the right to express concerns about what happens within incorporated Poulsbo. Good thing we all have the right to vote.

Gitta Brown