Check out OSPI website for info

If you have not looked at the OSPI website to see how your child is doing, their grade level scores, their school’s scores, and our district’s scores, please go to this website There is a wealth of information here as there is on other websites.

This site contains information on every school and school district in the state of Washington. The most recent scores for testing done in October will show you just where your students stand. While state testing is but one indicator of success, it is used widely by many people and should be used by the district and school board to redirect resources to those students who need help the most.

As most people suspected, students are behind and remediation is needed to help students catch up. Once you have looked at the extensive amount of data here, please contact the district and school board members to ensure that resources are being directed as needed. While the overall statistics in some areas show the district very slightly above the state average, it is the individual schools and grade levels that tell the real story of how your student is doing.

Trend lines show academic growth in the district is either generally flat or declining. Now is the time to ensure that the district and school board are doing their job and ensuring that your child is getting the best education possible. New solutions are needed as more money is showing little impact, if any.

South Kitsap High School is sitting at a dismal 22% of students meeting the state standard in math is just one example of the system failing our students, as teachers and administrators are pulling in six-figure salaries.

Jaime Cross