Central Kitsap Reporter Letters to the Editor | August 2

I write in response to Edward Roe’s letter in the July 19 edition of the Central Kitsap Reporter.


Adele was right on global warming

I write in response to Edward Roe’s letter in the July 19 edition of the Central Kitsap Reporter.

Mr. Roe is entitled to his opinion but he is not entitled to his own set of facts. Most of the global warming panic is based on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. These reports are based on computer climate models, and that’s the problem. They models don’t work. In a presentation and paper to the American Physical Society, 50,000 members, Lord Monckton showed proof that the models overstated ocean rise from projected Greenland ice melt by 1,000 percent, overstated global temperature rise from CO2 by more than nine times, guessed at the effects of cloud cover, CO2 and water vapor and overstated the projected rise between 1984 and 1998 by about 1 degree Celsius. When back-tested, the models fail to predict 22 major climate events from the past, including the Little Ice Age, 1650-1715. The IPCC models also did not predict the solar events that are causing the last 10 years of global cooling. The result of the presentation? The IPCC chairman, Dr. Pachauri, says they have to revisit the models. This would be the third time. The American Physical Society removed their support of CO2 causing global warming.

If you Google “global cooling,” the Daily Tech Web site has many reports on the actual, measured results concerning global warming. Facts presented include: global temperatures peaked in in 1998 and have been falling for 10 years. Ocean levels and temperatures have been falling for three to four years. Global temperature changes match solar sun spot cycles 79 percent and changes in CO2 less than 19 percent.

A 17-year study found no increase in Greenland ice melt. The ice caps on both poles are expanding. After years of testing, no CO2 causing atmosphere warming has been detected.

These are measured facts, not theories. Feel free to prove NASA and many others wrong. My thanks to Adele Ferguson for pointing this out.