Carrie Hesch is a legislator we can be proud of


I am supporting Carrie Hesch for the 26th Legislative District state representative position because I have been disappointed and embarrassed by the actions of our current representative, Jesse Young, for the past four years.

For me, it started when he was forbidden to be alone with his own staff because of his temper and verbal abuse. We, his constituents, are being penalized because he has not been given any significant responsibilities in the Legislature.

More recently, he supported Matt Shea, who was involved in the takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon and consorted with ultra-right, gun-toting groups during a peaceful Black Lives Matter gathering with minors present.

Carrie is so much the opposite. She works at the women’s prison to help women rehabilitate and reenter society. She organized supporters to make PPEs for Fire District 7 in South Kitsap. In addition, she is well prepared for this position, as she obtained a master’s degree in infrastructure planning and management.

What’s more, instead of being an abuser like the incumbent, she is a survivor of domestic abuse. She is the single parent of a special needs young adult and an Auburn city patrol woman. She has broad support from unions and refuses to take corporate PAC money. She has demonstrated incredible leadership and is ready to make a change on Day 1 for the people of this district.

In this particular election, party affiliation doesn’t matter. The quality of the person is what matters. That is why I am proud to support Carrie Hesch for the State House in the 26th District.

Fred Olin

Port Orchard