Best training is life-or-death issue for Navy SEALs

I thank Mr. Marsh for his service to our country during a long and very difficult conflict (“Questions about training areas,” page 4, February Veterans Life).

An important lesson learned during the Vietnam War is that those whom we put in harm’s way need to be supported regardless of our agreement or lack thereof for the policies that put them there.

Receiving the very best training possible is not just a “nice to have” but is a life and death issue for our Special Forces and SEALs. Obviously, the Navy would not be considering additional training areas if this need had not been identified by the SEALs. The relevance of these organizations is demonstrated by the recent announcement of a Medal of Honor award to a SEAL involved in the rescue of a U.S. hostage.

I am not aware that the preliminary training proposal involves “confiscating” land, but there will be ample opportunity to discuss the formal proposal if and when it is finalized.

Frank Gibbons