Well Being Health Center maintains health and happiness

POULSBO — Health and happiness have long been on the list of those elusive life achievements people desire.

Now, making that quest easier than ever, the Well Being Health Center is opening its doors to an array of healthy living services designed to dismantle the shackles of pain and tiredness and provide a better, happier level of functioning.

With a staff of three, each specializing in different types of services good for both the body and the soul, Well Being Health Center offers to each individual client a uniquely mixed regiment of chiropractic, massage and yoga therapy.

Owner Dr. Michelle Cho Gip, a chiropractor, said just as important as treatment within the integrative clinic is the client’s ability to take what they’ve learned home and maintain the wellness they’ve achieved.

“We really want people to start to realize that your health comes from the inside out,” she said. “We want to teach them things they can do at home so they can maintain that healthy lifestyle.”

Gip, who is joined by massage therapists Michelle Clemens and Mary Briner, said the center works to recognize a client’s problems and combine both the chiropractic services and massage and yoga therapies to reach that person’s particular goal. Briner said the combinations blend together well, and allow patients to find the best relief possible for them.

The Well Being Health Center offers integrative treatments for pain in the lower back, neck and upper back, headaches, asthma, stress management, digestive issues, anxiety, and depression.

Services are designed to decrease pain, reduce stress, improve function and circulation, increase strength and flexibility and enhance concentration.

The Well Being Health Center also offers services for kids and expectant mothers. Briner said they offer help, especially for those facing childhood challenges, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, autism, depression or environmental or nutritional problems.

Simply getting kids on the right, healthy track early in life provides numerous benefits for the future, Gip said.

“If you can get them aligned and everything working properly and everything healthy at a young age, they don’t end up with the kinds of problems we have as adults,” she said.

Clemens said she sees many teens, who, partially because of society, haven’t learned to listen and tend to their body’s needs. Well Being Health Center’s services are excellent for them as well, she said.

The center also works to promote well being throughout the community. As a host of various art walks, as well as a participant in food bank support and the Soroptomist fundraiser Bras for a Cause, Gip said investing in the area is another vital step toward health and happiness.

“Health comes in so many different ways,” she said. “If the whole community is healthier, that carries out to the people the community touches.”

Gip said between its blended offerings of well being treatment, and take-home teachings so that clients can continue living well, the Well Being Health Center is about whole body health, not pill-popping or finding a quick-fix. She wants to provide her clients with helpful, preventative ways of living that will keeping them feeling great into the future.