Progress being made on BI affordable homes

Wintergreen is making progress on 14 affordable townhomes being built in Winslow.

Construction of the first row of seven townhomes is underway as the framing extends to the second floor. The second row of seven affordable townhomes is ready for framing, which should start soon.

Marketing efforts have produced hundreds of inquiries, and there are more than 50 individuals engaged with Housing Resources Bainbridge for the purchase of affordable units. An HRB postcard says affordable units will make homeownership possible for community members who otherwise would have to live elsewhere or try to find a rental.

Marketing efforts have also yielded more than 20 individuals interested in open market units, which haven’t even been promoted yet.

The developers are also working with Arts & Humanities Bainbridge to commission works for the project. They hope to obtain two sculptures with a bird theme for the courtyard areas on both lots. They also are looking at two tile installations, also for the courtyard areas.