Port Orchard axe-throwing business close to opening

While construction has taken a few unexpected turns, Greg Randall is working to bring about the opening of a new form of entertainment to Kitsap County and potentially a highlight in the revival of the Town Square Mall.

The growing popularity of axe-throwing across the country is no joke, and more customers in the Pacific Northwest are looking to try their hand at the adrenaline-filled activity.

Randall first experienced the rush of axe-throwing in February of 2020 while celebrating his wife’s birthday with friends. He remembers being confused when they were asked to wear close-toed shoes before being pleasantly surprised by a session of axe-throwing.

“We went inside and spent two hours in there and just had a blast—the four of us laughing, throwing axes and visiting with their proprietor. We got done, my wife and I were driving back, and we were like, ‘That was a lot of fun. I wonder if there’s any in our area.’”

Upon the pair’s return, a subsequent search for axe-throwing facilities began and quickly ended after they found no such businesses anywhere in the county. The COVID pandemic delayed the idea of opening such a business.

Randall said the peninsula has still remained untouched in what he believes is a viable business idea. The closest options for Kitsap residents are all across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Even those options are limited. “Washington state (in general) has been really behind the curve on this whole thing,” Randall said. “Across the rest of the country, East Coast, down south, Midwest—they’ve been doing it for a decade already.”

He plans to take advantage of the opportunity with a mid-July anticipated opening of Peninsula Axe and Brew, an axe-throwing destination to be followed by a bar and restaurant. Construction started roughly six months ago, and despite some setbacks, Randall said, “It’s exciting cause we’re getting to bring this to our community and, hopefully, they get to enjoy it as much as we did.”

However, Randall said it may be harder than you think. “If you’ve ever gone to be a first-time bowler and you’ve thrown the ball into the gutter…..axe throwing is similar to that,” he said. “There’s a technique, and it takes a while to start getting that technique down.”

Trained staff will show customers how to properly throw an axe in a safe manner.

Randall said for those serious about it, “There’s a lot of opportunity to potentially bring some of those (axe-throwing) tournaments here, to host regular leagues here, to create teams.”