New donut establishment has a ‘hole’ lot going for it


Derek Mullen samples a donut Wednesday at Dippity Donuts & Espresso. Owner Sheri Collins opened the store April 18 on SE Retsil Road.

There was a time when seemingly every street provided an opportunity to buy a maple bar.

While coffee shops have replaced their popularity in the Northwest during the last generation, Sheri Collins believes demand remains for quality donuts.

Collins, 47, who worked in various roles in the bakery industry for more than 30 years, said feedback from locals led her to open Dippity Donuts & Espresso.

“I grew up in California and there’s a donut shop on almost every single corner,” she said. “When I moved up here maybe 11 years ago … there was no donut shops anywhere.”

Collins’ response was to open April 18 at 1540 SE Retsil Road. Her 1,300-square foot establishment offers an assortment of donuts ranging from buttermilk to old fashioned. There are bars, raised and filled donuts, and fritters.

Prices are straightforward — one of any kind is 85 cents, while a dozen is $9.

Location often is discussed when analyzing success and failure in business. Dippity Donuts & Espresso is not located on one of the city’s major streets — it sits just off SE Mile Hill Drive — but Collins is confident it can overcome that.

“It just knew I could make something warm and cozy that would work well here,” she said. “I’m a firm believer that there’s so many people that want fresh-baked daily donuts that will make their way around the corner.”

The location has some quirks from previous tenants, including a vault from a now-defunct bank. While that intrigues some customers, Collins said it is the lounge room that has tangible benefits for them.

“It’s a quiet little getaway place,” she said. “There’s a bible-study group that comes in here every week.”

In addition to eating their apple bear claws and Bavarian cream filled donuts, customers also have an array of coffee options to purchase. They range from typical favorites such as lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and mochas.

Whatever is served, Collins said she wants each customer to leave with a good experience. To enhance that, she plans to run a special each day.Collins’ store is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. She said she might eventually open on Mondays, but not Sunday — even if it would make sense from a business standpoint.

“It probably is the biggest donut day out there, but I go to church,” Collins said. “I don’t want to employee people and keep them away.”